The Block fans divided over 'horrible' bathroom design: 'Big mistake'

Host Shelley Craft wasn't impressed by Eliza and Liberty's decision.

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have divided viewers with their decision to install a moss wall in their bathroom for this week’s room reveal.

The unique feature surrounds two shaving cabinets above a double vanity and is a first for the renovation reality show.

The Block's Eliza and Liberty's bathroom design featuring a moss wall.
The Block’s Eliza and Liberty decided to install a moss wall in their bathroom. Photos: Change

While Eliza and Liberty were extremely proud of the moss wall, describing it as their “secret weapon” against the other teams, hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft didn’t seem to understand their vision.

“It’s dust resistant, bacteria resistant, you don’t need to water it, it endures the bathroom, it lasts for 15 years,” Eliza told them.

“But what does it do?” Shelley asked, to which Eliza replied, “It’s just pretty”.


“You know there are products like Exit Mould that get rid of that stuff in bathrooms,” Scott laughed. “People scrub and scrub to get rid of that stuff.”

Eliza continued to defend their decision to install the moss wall and said it is a “talking point” for the guest bathroom.

“Buyers don’t have to have it in their master if they hate, but they can be like, ‘Check out our moss wall that’s never been done on The Block before,” she said.

The Block's Shelley Craft / Eliza and Liberty next to their moss wall.
Hosts Scott Cam and Shelly Craft weren’t fans of Eliza and Liberty’s moss wall. Photos: Change


Scott and Shelley certainly weren’t the only people who disliked the sisters’ bold choice, with a number of viewers taking to social media to share their thoughts.

“I love the sisters but I think they have made a mossumental rookie mosstake,” one person joked, while another agreed it was a “big mistake”.

“I personally don't like it - looks awful,” a third commented, followed by someone else who said, “Love it but not in a bathroom”.

“It just looks horrible,” a different user remarked, with another writing, “There is a reason why it has never been done”.

The Block's Eliza and Liberty's moss wall.
Some fans described the moss as ‘awful’, ‘horrible’ and a ‘big mistake. Photos: Channel Nine

'Good on them for having a go'

However, there were a handful of people who disagreed with Scott and Shelley’s critiques and said they liked the look of the moss.

“Unpopular opinion, I love the moss!” one fan shared, while someone else agreed, “I like it too. I’ve seen it in a few high-end bathrooms on a larger scale, and it’s really impactful and beautiful”.


“Good on the girls for trying something out of the box, you can’t win with the judges either way. I think it’s cool,” another remarked.

“They are trying hard to do something that the judges will like, so good on them for having a go,” one viewer replied, followed by another who said, “I'm reserving my opinion until reveal! It will be a hit or a complete fail”.

Judges Shaynna Blaze, Marty Fox and Darren Palmer are set to give their critique of the moss wall during Sunday night’s room reveal.

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