The Block fans divided over team's perfect score for 'boring' kids' bedroom

Some viewers labelled Steph and Gian's room as 'dull', while others thought it was 'beautiful'.

For the first time on this year’s season of The Block, Steph and Gian received a perfect score from the judges and took home a whopping $40,000 in prize money during Monday night’s room reveal.

The childhood sweethearts received enormous praise for their two kids' bedrooms, with the judges applauding their attention to detail and the continuity of their ‘Japandi’ style throughout the house.

The Block’s Steph and Gian in their first kids' bedroom.
The Block’s Steph and Gian received a perfect score for their two kids’ bedrooms this week. Photo: Channel Nine

However, it appears not everyone was a fan of what they presented, with some viewers taking to social media to describe their rooms as “boring” and “dull”.

“Steph and Gian did a good job, but not a kid's room in my opinion,” one person wrote, while another added, “What kid wants a sad green bed?”.


“Boring rooms so tired of that colour palette,” a third replied, followed by someone else who said, “Not a trace of colour, it’s not what I call a kids' room”.

“I disagree with the judges. My children would never pick S&G’s bedrooms if they had the choice, theirs would be last on their list,” a different user shared.

The Block’s Steph and Gian's first kids' bedroom.
Some fans argued that Steph and Gian’s finished product wasn’t actually a kids’ room. Photo: Channel Nine
The Block’s Steph and Gian's second kids' bedroom.
Others thought the rooms were ‘so beautiful’. Photo: Channel Nine

'So beautiful'

Despite the handful of negative comments online, a majority of people were fans of their kids' bedrooms and said their win was “well deserved’.

“Your rooms were amazing. Both rooms are timeless, adaptable, and very pleasing to look at,” one viewer commented. “Steph & Gian really pulled it off. I feel the judges were spot-on with their critiques.”

“Loved it. Never would dream of using those colours for a kids' room, but they work,” someone else said, with a third writing, “Steph & Gian are very marketable and their house is stunning”.

“I’m in love with Steph and Gian’s kids' rooms. So beautiful! I would have given them 3 tens as well,” a different user replied.

“The two rooms presented by H4 were absolutely amazing. Rarely do I say that. They were gender-neutral yet any age could use them. Unlike the others that were very specific,” another remarked.

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Steph and Gian’s win was certainly needed to boost their confidence levels in the competition after they finished in last place during master ensuite week.

The couple also felt pressure to please the judges after they were slammed for the “soulless” kids' bedroom they presented in the 48-hour house decider challenge at the start of the series.


The win marks the fourth time Steph and Gian have won a room reveal, which is the most out of any of this year’s teams so far.

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