The Block star apologises for 'very disrespectful' behaviour during filming

Foreman Dan wasn't impressed by the contestant's actions.

While this year’s season of The Block has been criticised for showcasing repeat incidents of “toxic femininity” amongst the cast, it was one of the male contestants who was forced to apologise for their behaviour during Wednesday night’s episode.

Brett, who is competing on the renovation reality series with his wife Kristy, surprised viewers when he snapped at the show’s camera crew as they filmed him early in the morning.

The Block’s Brett arguing with the camera crew.
The Block’s Brett was forced to apologise for his outburst during Wednesday night’s episode. Photos: Channel Nine

Fans would know that morning wake-ups are a regular occurrence for all teams on The Block, however, Brett wasn’t impressed.

“Leave me alone, please,” he said as he walked through his house.

One crew member then pointed out that they weren’t targeting him specifically because they “do it to everyone”, and asked if he was getting frustrated because he was trying to find something.


“I’m not trying to find anything, I’m trying to find some space from you,” he replied. “Every f**king morning, man. Go harass someone else, for f**k’s sake.

“Leave me the f**k alone. I’m sick of it. Do you ever stop?”

Another crew member responded: “No, it’s my job.”

The Block’s Brett.
'Constantly having the camera in my face just annoyed me'. Photos: Channel Nine

'Lost my cool'

Speaking in his piece-to-camera interview with Kristy, Brett explained that he’d simply “had enough” after being woken up every morning that week.

“Constantly having the camera in my face just annoyed me,” he said.

When a producer reminded him that wake-ups were a part of The Block experience, Brett admitted he had barely watched the show and didn’t expect them to be every day.

Later in the day, Foreman Dan approached Brett and told him to apologise for his inappropriate outburst.

“I mean, you’ve gotta understand, the pressure gets to you,” Brett explained. “I’m trying to get up and you can’t even have two minutes to yourself, and it’s been every morning this week. I’ve been woken up every day, tired, big week, a lot on, and I just f**king lost my cool a bit.”

“We just can’t have that with the crew,” Dan said. “They’re just doing their job.”

The Block’s Foreman Dan and Brett / Brett apologising to a crew member.
Foreman Dan told Brett he had to apologise for the way he spoke to the crew. Photos: Channel Nine

'Very disrespectful'

Brett was then shown apologising to a crew member for the “very disrespectful” way he had spoken to them that morning.

“The thing is, I get it,” he replied. “I get sometimes it’s too much, but just don’t talk like that. I don’t talk to you like that.

“If you would’ve gone, ‘Mate, I’m in a really foul mood, give me 10 minutes and I’m good’, then we would have gone, ‘No worries’.”


Brett’s outburst comes shortly after he told TV WEEK that he doesn’t believe he and Kristy are “villains”, but instead prefers the term “pot stirrers”.

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