The Block fans divided over new season: 'Hideous'

Some fans are vowing not to watch The Block this year at all.

Fans of The Block have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new season, with many left divided over what to expect.

The new season of the hugely successful Channel Nine show is due to begin in the coming weeks, with five sets of teams tasked with renovating five houses from the 1950s on Charming Street in Victoria.

However, fans have been left undecided about how they feel about this year's renovation show theme.

The Block 2023 teams
The Block fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new season, with many divided over what to expect. Photo: Nine

"Thoughts on the upcoming season?" one Reddit user questioned. "Not sure how I feel about the new season being based in the 50's... I would much rather see styling that I personally find appealing rather than people trying to force a 50's style and get ripped apart by the judges for being too 'safe' when they don't do outlandish styling."

Many others agreed, saying they wished the houses could have a more unique feel.

"Considering most of the interiors will be sourced from Beaumont Tiles, Beacon Lighting, and Freedom furniture, with wardrobes from Kinsman and 48382 skylights in the house, I can't imagine much will be reflective of the 1950s," another responded.

"Shame they aren't given more ability to source actual unique pieces of furniture and decor," they added. "Paying $3million plus for a copy of those stores showrooms isn't all that appealing."


"I honestly don't care about a theme, I like seeing all the different ways it's interpreted and blended with modern styles," a third said, adding that the drama has turned them off in recent years.

"The reason I'm on the fence this season is because the show is so Americanised now with all the scandal and outrage built into every episode, not to mention the insane costs of it all. I'd much rather something more relatable with the focus on the contestants skills and the building experience instead of all the drama."

Others shared that they wanted to see more 'relatable' houses rather than $4 million homes.

The Block's Shelley Craft and Scott Cam
Many fans wrote that they want to see more 'relatable' houses on the show. Photo: Nine

"I think the show is done if they have another season as unprofitable as last year," someone else wrote, referencing the fact only one team made a large profit on their house last season. "They should have completely changed up the format and replaced all the judges, the judges shouldn’t know who did what house til the end of the competition."

Some also shared that this season's houses don't actually fit the 50s theme at all.

"I've seen pictures of the finished outsides. Nothing fifties about them, they are hideous," one said.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was similar to last season, when they talked about country at the start, then it just faded away," another added. "I imagine the smart contestants will provide a 50's theme with furnishings rather than the room itself. That way, when they sell, the owner can just throw out the horrible lamp, rather than repaint and redo everything.

"That said, it'll probably be just one buyer again."


"I'm not going to watch," a third said. "The contestants work so hard and it sucks to see them make f**k all because of some cashed up property investor being stingy. I saw the last 3 seasons, and the majority of buyers are investors, not families who will love the place. It all just smells like a way for channel 9 to help rich people get richer."

"I’ve been past them a few times during the build and they are definitely not 50s style," another user wrote. "I haven’t been past in the last few weeks when they have been 'finished' but from the last time I was there, I couldn’t see much 50s influence. I think it’s just another theme ploy to get people watching. Running out of ideas I’m sure."

"This show has well and truly run it’s course. Every season there’s some bulls**t made up controversy," someone else said. "Enough already please."

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