The Block fans call out bizarre missing detail in backyard reveals

One viewer described the object as 'the most functional, necessary item in the backyard'.

The Block viewers have pointed out a missing detail in each of the five teams’ backyards that many people might not have noticed.

Taking to a popular Facebook group following Sunday night’s room reveals, one fan asked why none of the contestants had installed clotheslines.

The Block's Kristy and Brett standing in their backyard.
The Block fans have questioned why none of the teams had a clothesline in their backyard. Photo: Channel Nine

“Silly question perhaps, but does no one hang washing anymore? I didn’t see one clothesline,” they wrote.

Others agreed it was an oversight to not include “the most functional, necessary item in the backyard”, with one person commenting: “I think the judges would all scream at the sight of a clothesline in the yard but you’re right, everyone needs one.”


“I say the same thing every year,” another added. “Also where do you put the kids' swing, trampoline, place to ride a bike, draw on the cement, build a cubby. Sorry but to me they have to be practical.”

“I think clothes need the open air and sunshine,” someone else shared, while a different user replied, “I use my clothesline almost every day. Sheets need sunlight that is a must”.

“Some people might consider clotheslines ugly. However, I think large electricity bills are even uglier,” another fan remarked.

However, others commented that the Hills Hoist clothesline is “out of style” and most people use dryers instead.

“Haven't used a clothesline for over 30 years. Use a clothes dryer and a drying rack outside when needed,” one viewer commented.

“In Melbourne, in newer houses, the clothesline is not normally in the backyard, but to the side of the house near the laundry door,” someone else added.

The Block's Steph and Gian standing in their backyard.
Steph and Gian won backyard landscaping and pool week with a score of 38. Photos: Channel Nine

Steph and Gian ended up winning backyard landscaping and pool week with an impressive 38 points, including a perfect 10 from judge Shaynna Blaze.


They were closely followed by Leah and Ash who scored 37.5 and decided not to use their gnome. Kyle and Leslie finished third with 33 points, while Kristy and Brett scored 28 and Eliza and Liberty were given 27 points.

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