Block 2020 winners make history with record-breaking cash win

The Block's Jimmy and Tam have made history after taking home $1,066,000, the biggest cash prize in Australian TV history, after their home sold for $4,256,000.

The couple earned $966,000 from the sale, plus The Block's $100,000 prize money.

Jimmy and Tam in The Block 2020 finale
The Block's Jimmy and Tam were shocked to see their potential profits continue rising. Photo: Nine

"F**king ridiculous," Jimmy exclaimed after being told by host Scott Cam how much money they were taking home.

Scott was also clearly surprised by the result, but was very happy for the couple.

"Come here, mate," the host said. "Bloody hell, $966,000. Just unbelievable."


He later said Tam and Jimmy made "more money than anybody's made on this show forever".

Speaking with their daughter after the auction, Tam explained, "Mummy and daddy just won a lot of money." While Jimmy joked, "You want a pony?"

Luke and Jasmin were the first to go to auction and sold their home for $3,856,000, making a profit of $506,000.

Luke and Jasmin in The Block 2020 finale
Luke and Jasmin were up first and ended up pocketing $506,000. Photo: Nine

The pair had hoped to make $440,000 to pay off their mortgage and managed to exceed their dream.

Jimmy and Tam were able to choose the auction order and chose Luke and Jasmin to go first, themselves second, Sarah and George third, Daniel and Jade fourth and Harry and Tash in fifth place.

Harry and Tash were clearly upset over the order of the auction with contestants breaking down in tears over the order.

Sarah and George in The Block 2020 finale
Sarah and George won a huge $650,002. Photo: Nine

Prior to the auction, Domain's managing editor Alice Stolz confessed Melbourne's property market had been in a "slumber", but added that clearance rates on properties was still "in the high 60s, early 70s".

Sarah and George earned a huge $650,002 after their property sold for $4,000,002 with Sarah saying it was "nuts".

Daniel and Jade sold their property for $3,800,000, earning themselves $460,000.

Daniel and Jade in The Block 2020 finale
Daniel and Jade's win of $460,000 will be life changing for the couple. Photo: Nine

Despite going last, Harry and Tash left with $650,000 with a bid of $4,000,000.

Speaking of her dad's achievement, Tash said, "I'm so proud of him. It is not easy for him. He did such an amazing job. He has worked his a** off his whole life for us kids, he's given us everything. It's good, dad. So good. Oh, my God."

Tash and Harry in The Block 2020 finale
Tash and Harry earned a huge $650,000. Photo: Nine

Danny Wallis bids on three Block properties

Entrepreneur Danny Wallis purchased three of the show's properties, spending around $12 million on Sarah and George's, Daniel and Jade's and Harry and Tash's homes.

Knowing Daniel and Jade's daughter Isla suffers from a rare chromosome disorder, Danny decided he wanted to donate the home to My Room Children's Cancer Charity.

"What an amazing day it was and a real thrill to buy the three houses. I was so impressed with the builds this year, the location in Brighton, and the potential as an investor for the properties in the future," Danny told Nine after the auction.

Entrepreneur Danny Wallis on The Block
Entrepreneur Danny Wallis purchased three of the show's properties, spending around $12 million on Sarah and George's, Daniel and Jade's and Harry and Tash's homes. Photo: Nine

"The My Room Children's Cancer Charity do so many wonderful things for sick children and their families, and they will benefit so much from having access to Daniel and Jade's amazing home.

"It is made extra special for me because I know Daniel and Jade have been through so much with their daughter Isla over the years, in and out of hospital, and they will understand just how important the house will be for My Room and all the incredible work they do for sick children and their families."

The Block 2020 teams' profits:

Jimmy and Tam: $966,000 and $100,00 cash prize

Sarah and George: $650,002

Harry and Tash: $650,000

Luke and Jasmin: $506,000

Daniel and Jade: $460,000

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