The Block: 5 other houses are for sale on Charming Street ahead of show's auction

"There’s no coincidence as to why they’ve all popped up now."

We are mere days away from The Block auctions, with the major prize resting on which house makes the most money on auction day.

There are, of course, many factors that will go into the outcome at the auction, with Domain sharing that competition in the area will play a huge part in how much the properties will sell for.

The Block 2023 contestants
As The Block contestants prepare to head to auction, fans have five other chances to snag a property on Charming Street. Photo: Nine

The website reveals that in the last six months, there have been very few houses up for sale on Charming Street, where The Block is filming this year, but as the teams prepare to sell their houses, five others have been placed on the market.


According to Noel Susay, who is selling Leah and Ash's house as well as 39 Charming Street, the show's neighbours are making the most of the attention their street is now receiving.

"The timing of it? There’s no coincidence as to why they’ve all popped up now," Noel tells Domain. "We know from previous campaigns that 40 per cent of the people who look at those (Block) listings, then look at other homes in the area. That is very powerful. If you’re thinking of selling in Hampton East, there’s no better time to do it."

12 Charming Street
12 Charming Street looks very much like what the Block houses looked like before being revamped and is next door to Kyle and Leslie's house. Photo: Domain
39 Charming Street
39 Charming Street is also up for sale. Photo: Domain

He adds, "[The Block 2023] really lifted the profile of the area. When those properties go to auction, that will lift the median price of the whole street, and the area, significantly."

Josh Stirling, who is selling Kyle and Leslie's house, is also selling the house next door, 12 Charming Street, which looks very much like The Block houses before they were revamped.

"We made sure we had the [for sale] board up the front for the open for inspection day. We want maximum eyeballs on this place, so any extra exposure we can get is extremely valuable," he says.

Josh adds that 12 Charming Street is a great property as fans of The Block who might not be able to afford the renovated homes may be able to afford a house similar to what those properties started out like.

Price guides for the five other Charming Street homes

12 Charming Street: $2 million-$2.2 million

3/30b Charming Street: $1.25 million-$1.3 million

31 Charming Street: $1.85-$1.995 million

39 Charming Street: $2 million-$2.1 million

49 Charming Street: $1.85 million-$2 million

The Block 2023 cast
The new houses on the market will likely enjoy a boost from The Block houses surrounding them. Photo: Nine

Price guides for The Block houses

House 1, 14 Charming Street - Kyle and Leslie: $2.7 million-$2.9 million

House 2, 16 Charming Street - Leah and Ash: $2.7 million-$2.9 million

House 3, 18 Charming Street - Kristy and Brett: $2.7 million-$2.9 million

House 4, 20 Charming Street - Steph and Gian: $2.8 million-$3 million

House 5, 22 Charming Street - Eliza and Liberty: $2.8 million-$3 million

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