The Block bombshell ending that never made it to air

EXCLUSIVE: 'Major edits' were reportedly made to the last few weeks of the show.

This season of The Block has been one of the most controversial yet, with drama exploding both on and off-air on the renovation reality show.

In October, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) received numerous complaints from viewers claiming the season was promoting ‘anti-social’ behaviour.

And now, a Block insider has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that there was supposed to be a more fiery ending to the show but Channel Nine reportedly decided to pull the plug on it at the last minute.

The Block 2023 cast
The teams seemed friendly as they said goodbye to their time on The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

“Major edits were made to protect the brand” ahead of The Block filming its ending, our source said, after the ACMA is believed to have received 28 complaints in one week.

These changes reportedly meant some contestants weren’t shown as much as others in the final few weeks, with our insider noting this “isn't always good for a comprehensive storyline”.


“It is confusing for viewers as fan favourites are now behaving out of character,” the insider said.

Indeed, viewers have commented online about the seemingly left-of-field actions of House 1’s Leslie when she got involved in an on-air tiff with House 2’s Leah and House 4’s Steph and Gian’s controversial purchasing of the gnome.

It’s believed the show hoped to “even out the behaviour of everyone” before the ending.

“This isn't how the series was originally set to end,” our source said, claiming a bigger storyline was “dropped” at the last minute.

Channel Nine has been contacted for comment.

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The Block stars speak out about 'toxic' drama

Despite the efforts of the show, it hasn't stopped some of the contestants from speaking out about the drama off the show, with Eliza and Liberty spilling about their post-show 'feud' with Kristy and Brett last month.

“It’s really toxic it’s so bad. We saw each other on the weekend, had to be in the same room which was interesting,” Eliza said, with Liberty adding that it was ‘so awkward’.

When asked what they’ll do if Kristy and Brett’s house sells for a lot of money, Liberty said: “We have said we’re gonna have to get therapy.

“If that happens, it’s almost for us a reward for bad behaviour, and we need justice.

“I will not be hugging. I’m not gonna be fake. We’re not gonna align with people who don’t morally and ethically align to us”

The Block cast 2023
'Major edits' were reportedly made to the show. Photo: Channel Nine

Even host Scott Cam has given his two cents on the drama this year, telling TV WEEK it’s been “an unusual year for personality clashes”.

“New personalities came out in different people that they didn't show us in their interview,” he shared. “Some drama happens and you go, ‘Wow, I didn't see that coming from that person’.”

Scott went on to say that although fans have complained about the amount of drama this season, with some people even stopping him on the street to air their grievances, the producers aren’t involved in orchestrating fights between teams.

“We don't create the drama,” he explained. “We never know what's going to happen. It's all happy days in the first week, but the nature of our show is it's a crockpot and a bubbling mess where everyone is lacking sleep from day one. Things just implode.”

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