The Block 2023: Residents 'furious' over 'illegal' parking activity

The renovation reality show has been causing chaos in Melbourne.

The Block 2023 has been embroiled in fresh controversy just months after a letter leaked revealing the producers’ “intrusive” demands. The show, which is currently filming on Charming Street in Melbourne’s Hampton East, previously asked local residents to keep their cars off the street during their TV commercial filming.

On Sunday, a resident close to the filming site shared their fury after one of The Block stars ‘illegally’ blocked entry to their private driveway. The member of the community shared a snap of the incident on the Facebook page 2023 Charming St ‘The Block’.'

Filming The Block 2023
A resident near The Block filming site has shared their frustration over parking in the street. Photo: Facebook/2023 Charming St 'The Block'

The photo showed scaffolding and fences around The Block site, along with multiple tradie vehicles parked on the street.

“This is moments after I had a go at The Block guys because a certain star had parked his car illegally again in the no standing zone, and because there was a car parked on our side of the street it was impossible for me to get in the driveway,” the local wrote in the caption.


“If you know the area you’ll note the car was moved to another part of the no standing area. This was all after I sent an email a few days [ago] to the builders and [executive producer] Julian Cress asking them to tell people not to do it. Come on guys…do better!” the resident finished.

Fans were sympathetic to the local’s plight, with some saying it was common behaviour from tradies in general — not just ones on The Block.

“I’ve had similar experiences with builders and tradies (not so much stars!) over the years…they seem to think they can park wherever they want ‘cause they’re more important than the rest of us,” one person pointed out.

“Arrogant is all I can say,” another added, while a third said it was “rude”.

“Send the photo to [the] council,” another suggested.

Channel Nine letter sent to The Block residents
Channel Nine previously sent out a blanket letter to Charming Street residents in Melbourne regarding parking. Photo: Facebook/2023 Charming 'The Block'


The Block’s apology

Although the resident was initially upset by the parking mishap, they have told Yahoo Lifestyle that it has all been sorted now.

The Block’s producers apologised for what had happened, and have assured residents that all tradies and workers on site now know not to park in the “illegal” spot.

“Thank you to The Block for apologising and promising to get onto this,” the local wrote in a Facebook comment.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

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