The Block 2023: Channel Nine hit back at Scott Cam hosting rumours

Insiders have revealed this might be Scott Cam's last season with The Block.

He’s been with the show for 13 years now but rumours are swirling that much-loved The Block host Scott Cam may be hanging up his boots after this season.

Despite a Channel Nine spokesperson saying it's 'not true', an insider revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that producers are ‘scrambling’ to find a way to acknowledge the 19th season and 20th year of the show while the beloved Gold Logie-winning host is still there.

Scott Cam on set on The Block standing beside a red wall
Scott Cam has been hosting The Block for 13 years now. Photo: Channel 9

"Scotty Cam’s' contract is up and it is believed he isn't signing for any more after this one,” an insider told us.

"We want to celebrate while we have Scotty on contract and that may very well mean getting our skates on now.”

If Scott Cam does bow out, producers apparently want to plan a reunion special ahead of the 20th season of the show, featuring the most iconic teams from the past. Phone calls have reportedly already been placed and there’s believed to be a number of former stars lined up for the special.


"We are looking at the contestants that made the most amount of noise and those who are still remembered all these years later,” the insider added.

“Some fade away by the time the next series starts. It is often hard to tell who audiences will love. We have been shocked with some contestants who became household names. It is the people who are the most authentically themselves - good or bad, win or lose. Some personalities just seem to resonate."

Channel 9 promo of The Block with Shelly Craft and Scott Cam
Rumours are swirling that this might be Scott Cam's last season with The Block. Photo: Channel 9

While it’s not been confirmed whether or not this will be Scott Cam’s last season with the show, our insider believes he may be replaced with a familiar face when he does decide to step away.

"Consider the final moments of 2023 a tease for what could come in 2024,” they said.

"MasterChef Australia did the same thing when they shuffled the judges in 2019 and it proved a huge success with viewers."

"Audiences don’t like change especially when it comes to replacing the host - so relying on familiar-faced contestants to make up for the absence makes sense."


Scott Cam revealed his excitement to be excited to be back for his 19th series in a press release ahead of the season.

"This series is guaranteed to be a dead-set blockbuster," he said. "Our five new teams from across the country are all fired up to make their home states proud."

The 2023 series looks set to dominate the ratings, with drama expected to explode in Melbourne's family-friendly suburb of Hampton East.

Located on the aptly named Charming Street, five teams are set to battle it out weekly while they renovate five houses that are nearly 70 years old.

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