The bizarre way MAFS' Troy Delmege is making tens of thousands of dollars

The popular groom is still profiting off his reality TV stint six years on.

Since emerging as a fan favourite on Married At First Sight's fifth season in 2018, Troy Delmege has found a surprising way to capitalise on his 15 minutes of fame.

In the years following his appearance on the reality show, Troy has become one of Australia’s most in-demand reality stars on Cameo, a website where you can buy personalised video messages from your favourite celebrities.

MAFS’ Troy Delmege brushing his teeth / Troy at the MAFS Grand Reunion in 2021.
MAFS’ Troy Delmege has become one of Australia’s most in-demand reality stars on Cameo. Photos: Channel Nine

While most stars simply film themselves wishing fans a ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’, Troy has made tens of thousands of dollars by filming custom teeth brushing tutorials after his “erratic” method for brushing went viral on the show.

Troy, who describes himself as the “world’s hardest tooth brusher”, charges fans $44 for each video which goes for an average of 2 minutes and 44 seconds.

He took to Instagram in September to promote his Cameo profile, telling fans: “I am still very happy to pick up my old trusty toothbrush and give a proper demonstration of brushing excellence.”


Troy’s account has received an impressive 326 five-star reviews on the website, which means he’s pocketed almost $15,000 just from the fans who have chosen to review his content.

In comparison, Troy's former co-star Telv Williams has only received 11 reviews on the platform and season six bride Ines Basic has received just one review.

Away from reality TV, actor Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours is currently Australia's most in-demand star on the platform, with his earnings reportedly topping $100,000.

Besides his gig on Cameo, little is known about Troy’s occupation and relationship status as he took an extended break from social media following his appearance at the MAFS Grand Reunion in 2021.

Meanwhile, his season five co-star Carly Bowyer, whom he briefly dated after the show, recently announced her engagement to her longtime partner Neil Goldsmith.

Troy’s on-screen ‘wife’ Ashley Irvin is also currently in a relationship with a man named Choco O’Dwyer, who she went public with in April last year.

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