The Bachelor's sex confession leaves date shocked

After admitting he had never had a girlfriend, Wesley has opened up more about his love life.

Last night's episode of The Bachelors saw one of the leading men, Wesley Senna Cortes, drop a surprising confession during his solo time with contestant Brea.

Wesley, 32, who mentioned during the premiere episode that he had never had a girlfriend, took Brea back to the Bach pad after a group photo shoot date where the two got to know each other more.

Brea was initially worried that Wesley may come on too strong or go in for the kiss when she wasn't sure if she was ready yet, however he caught her off guard after he opened up about his religious background before telling her he was a virgin.

The Bachelors' Wesley Senna Cortes is a virgin
The Bachelors' Wesley makes a confession to Brea. Photo: Network 10

After being initially worried things may progress too fast with Wes, after his admission, a clearly shocked Brea then said in her voiceover that she was concerned things would progress too slowly.

The 11th season of The Bachelors has premiered to the franchise’s lowest ratings in its decade-long history, with a total audience of 319,000 for Sunday night's episode.

However, this doesn't include streaming data, with the network seemingly prioritising uploading the episodes online before the official 7:30pm viewing time.


The Bachelors 2023.
Luke, Wesley, and Ben are this year's leading Bachelors. Photo: Network 10

Wesley Senna Cortes controversial 'real' job revealed

Wes' sex confession comes off the back of Yahoo Lifestyle exclusively revealing that the dashing Brazilian had been working for Hilllsong Church before being cast as The Bachelor.

Since moving to Australia in 2014, Wesley has worked in multiple positions for Hillsong Church and Hillsong College, which states they "raise leaders" to "impact the world".

Prior to being announced as one of the Bachelors, Wesley had Hillsong tagged in all of his bios on social media, but swiftly removed these references in July when he started filming.


For the last four years, Wesley has worked as Student Acquisition and Engagement Manager and a Business Lead Team for Hillsong College. He first started as a Graphic Designer for Hillsong International Leadership College in December 2014 and then began working his way up.

Wesley said on last night's episode of The Bachelors that he works as a graphic designer, but didn't stipulate if it was still within the Church or not.

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