The Bachelors' Jed breaks his silence on sexuality rumours: 'Wild'

The drummer has finally responded to the claims.

The Bachelors' Jed McIntosh has broken his silence after multiple news outlets published reports claiming he is bisexual.

The 25-year-old drummer, who chose Alésia Delaney in Sunday night’s finale, spoke openly with Yahoo Lifestyle about the rumours and says they are completely false.

The Bachelors' Jed McIntosh.
The Bachelors' Jed McIntosh has responded after multiple news outlets published reports claiming he is bisexual. Photo: Channel 10

“It's funny, my mother came to me and said, ‘Jed I didn’t know you were bisexual!’. And I’m like, you don’t understand mum, it’s not true,” he laughs, adding that he thought it was “wild” when it was reported he was going to ‘come out’ to his contestants in the final episode.

“I grew up in a rural country town dressing and looking the way that I do, so for me, it's nothing I haven't heard before. I don't take it as an offence, and I don't think it's a bad thing.

“So many of my mates are gay or bisexual, but it's just funny how a lot of the narrative is ‘don't judge a book by its cover’ but then the media does exactly that.”


Jed went on to say that he doesn’t “give a s**t” what people have to say about him because he, his family, his friends and Alésia know who he really is.

“The rest is sort of smoke and mirrors for me,” he adds.

The Bachelors' Jed McIntosh.
‘It’s just funny how a lot of the narrative is ‘don't judge a book by its cover’ but then the media does exactly that.’ Photo: Channel 10

'I really found it hard'

Speaking about watching his Bachelor experience on TV, Jed admits there were a few moments he found really difficult to relive.

“The hardest thing for me was probably seeing myself with other girls knowing that I wasn't feeling the way it made it look like I did,” he details. “There were a few times where I really found it hard because I would have been thinking about Alésia while I was with someone else, and I hate being fake and I really tried to give everyone ample amount of time.

“I don't want to come across as disingenuous, but I think with the nature of the show there are just certain things that you've got to go through.”


Jed also says he felt terrible having to say goodbye to Angela Ferdinands in the finale, but he’s got “a huge amount of respect” for the way she handled herself.

“I always felt bad sending people home, whether it was the first girl or the last one,” he shares. “I think she's a beautiful woman and she is going to make a great partner for somebody, but I felt so bad.

“I just didn't really know what to say because to be completely honest, I was falling for Alésia since the day that I met her. I didn't want to have Angela feel as if she wasn't good enough or something, so I was trying to communicate it in a way that represented that. But I was so nervous that day, I was just trying my best.”

Alésia, who says she was “ninety per cent sure” Jed was going to pick her at the end of the season, adds that she has since spoken with Angela and she is doing “really well”.

“She’s just so gracious and just so poised,” she remarks. “And obviously she was shocked, and as you would be after you’re telling each other that you love each other. You would assume that you are walking out of there with that man, so I would have been just as shocked if I'm honest, and I think everything she felt is extremely valid.”

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