The Bachelors' Alésia responds to wild rumour: 'Absolutely true'

The couple open up about their time on the show and their current relationship status.

Despite starring three leading men this year, the tenth season of The Bachelors only managed to produce one successful couple who is still together.

Both Felix Von Hofe and Jessica Navin and Thomas Malucelli and Leah Cummings decided to end things shortly after production wrapped, leaving Jed McIntosh and Alésia Delaney as the only remaining pair.

The Bachelors’ Jed and Alésia.
The Bachelors' Jed and Alésia are the only couple still together after the finale. Photo: Channel 10

Jed, who proposed to Alésia in the finale but turned the engagement ring into a promise ring after she said no, has now opened up about their romance and their current relationship status six months after filming ended.

“We're just seeing each other and I think we're keen to see what it's like in the real world,” Jed tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s been six months and we’ve been through a lot with each other since then. There hasn't really been a time where we haven't gone through whatever it is in our lives at that moment, and I think now we don't want to feel any pressure.

“We're in a good spot, we’ve worked really hard to get to where we are now, and I think we're just seeing each other and seeing how things go. We just want to do normal things like go for a coffee and go on a normal date. It's nice to finally not have to hide anything and just sort of be together in a normal sense.”


Alésia adds that she and Jed only saw each other twice in between when the finale was filmed and when it aired, but they spoke on the phone every day.

“When we left we had four nights with each other at the first rendezvous, which was really nice,” she says. “That’s really when the walls came down and I feel like we actually got to know each other.

“And then after that, I was travelling for a few months and he had work so we never saw each other again until literally last night. But just being able to talk every day and keep communication up was definitely key.”

The Bachelors' Jed and Alésia.
Alésia says she and Jed only saw each other twice between when the finale was filmed and when it aired. Photo: Channel 10

'Absolutely true'

When asked about the rumour that her parents had “no idea” she was going on The Bachelors, Alésia confirms it’s “absolutely true”.

“I didn’t tell anyone at all because I thought an NDA was an NDA and I really thought that meant you don't tell anyone,” she laughs, “So I obviously hadn't told my work, I told them I was going to Europe with my dad, and then I told my parents I was going on a no-phones retreat.

“I didn't know that I would get anywhere near the end so I just thought I'll just come back and they'll never know. But in the end, they were really happy for me, especially because I was so true to myself the whole way through.”

Alésia went on to say that it was difficult trying to convince one of her parents to come onto the show for the family visit to meet Jed, especially because they had no idea what The Bachelor was.

“I called mum and I said, ‘By the way, I'm not on a no-phones retreat, I'm actually doing a show for Channel 10’,” she recalls. “She was like, ‘What's Channel 10?’ And I’m like, ‘It's a commercial network, have you heard of the show The Bachelor?' And she said no, so I said, ‘Okay well anyways, I need you to come meet this guy that I'm seeing’. And she was like, ‘Oh no I'm actually busy’.

“When I told dad he was shocked and we were sort of sitting down and he was like, ‘Okay, so you've got 10 boyfriends?’ I said no, and he was like, ‘Well, you didn't get a rose?’ And I'm like, ‘No, I did get a rose, that’s why you're here’. He was just like, ‘What's going on?’.”

The Bachelors' Jed and Alésia with her family.
Jed ended up meeting some of Alésia’s family members on the show. Photo: Channel 10

'It's definitely on the cards'

While Jed and Alésia aren’t currently putting a label on their relationship, they confirm that they are definitely committed to each other.

“I wouldn't call it a Damien situation,” Jed laughs, referring to Jessica and Damien’s open relationship throughout the show.

“We've stayed pretty loyal to each other throughout this and will continue to do that and see how we are. Personally for myself, if I'm in some capacity dating someone, the one is enough for me. If she finds someone better then good on her, I’m happy for her, but as of now, no.”

The musician adds that he has plans to move from Melbourne to Sydney soon, which is where Alésia lives.

“I do care about her, but it's not for her,” he admits. “I’m definitely looking to move up sometime soon-ish, and that will obviously help.

“But I think one good thing that I love about Alesia is that she's previously dated an artist and she understands the travel commitments and things like that. So not necessarily a move because we have to, I think we've done this long-distance thing long enough for sure and we handle it quite well, but it’s definitely on the cards and it would be nice to have opportunities.

“But even if that wasn't the case, I'd fly every chance I could get.”

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