The Bachelor's Irena Gilbert reveals miscarriage heartbreak: 'It's devastating'

Bachelor star Irena has revealed she has suffered her second miscarriage.

The Bachelor’s Irena Gilbert has opened up about suffering her second miscarriage, saying she and her husband, Locky Gilbert, are devastated.

Appearing on The Morning Show, Irena, who met Locky on the 2020 season of the Channel 10 reality show, urged people to be mindful when asking a couple about when they’re planning to start a family.

Irena and Locky Gilbert at the footy
The Bachelor's Irena and Locky Gilbert have revealed their second miscarriage heartbreak. Photo: Insatgram/Irena Srbinovska

“Unfortunately Locky and I just suffered yet another miscarriage. We had one a few years ago quite early in our relationship and you know since we got married we've been trying to start a family and it's been slow and not going to plan but we are just like any other couple with their struggles,” Irena said.

“It's obviously devastating. And yeah, we have been leaning on each other a lot and supporting each other, which has been really good. And I'm at the point now where I'm like, I'm hopeful that eventually we'll have our family but for now, I just want to try and help others out there as well.”


Irena said since the couple got married earlier this year they’ve been bombarded with questions about having a baby.

“It's painful when you're going through something so traumatic and then getting asked those questions. So I guess that's why I want to just talk about it publicly. Because it's it's not okay to constantly ask you know, a woman when they're having a baby just because they’re married.”

In 2021, Irena revealed that the couple’together post-show had been filled with “amazing highs and devastating lows”.

Irena and Locky posing in front of sunflowers
Irena suffered her first miscarriage just after the couple got together in 2020. Photo: Insatgram/Irena Srbinovska

“During our first few months together I, unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage,” Irena told WHO.

“But Locky was my absolute rock and having his support made me love him even more.”

In December 2021, Irena revealed her miscarriage happened just after Christmas 2020.

“I was sick for a while and put it down to stress from moving to Perth and my dad being unwell,” she explained.

“Unknowingly, I was pregnant the whole time.”

Irena said she ended up in hospital twice and it was hard only having Locky to support her as she had just moved from her family in Melbourne to be with her new boyfriend in Perth.

“He was my rock. He cared for me, looked after me and helped me through it,” she said.

Irena and Locky Gilbert and their dog
The couple urged people to be mindful when they speak to others about starting a family. Photo: Insatgram/Irena Srbinovska

Irena went on to say it’s more common that many people think, with one in five pregnancies ending due to miscarriage.

“So whilst I have been relatively open about my experience, many women suffer in silence I think we need to break the stigma and pressure on women.

“Women are amazing. And so too are out partners that also suffer loss too,” she said.

Irena has recently become an Ambassador for the 35th annual Red Nose Day, with the former reality star and nurse advocating for the support they offer grieving families.

“Many people are not aware that Red Nose offers support for people impacted by miscarriage, so if my story helps just one person access the support they need, at least some ‘good’ can come from a very sad situation,” she said.

According to Red Nose Day, one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and it is estimated that there are over 100,000 miscarriages annually in Australia.

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