FBoy Island's most controversial star was almost cast as the Bachelor

EXCLUSIVE: Caleb Duncan made it to the final stages for The Bachelor before appearing on FBoy Island.

He was arguably the most controversial contestant on this year’s season of FBoy Island, but it turns out Caleb Duncan almost appeared on a very different reality show.

The 31-year-old American personal trainer, who was sent home during this week’s episodes shortly after his FBoy status was revealed to the group, tells Yahoo Lifestyle he was close to being cast on the tenth season of The Bachelor Australia.

FBoy Island’s Caleb Duncan.
FBoy Island’s Caleb Duncan reveals he almost starred on The Bachelor. Photo: BINGE

“I was going for The Bachelor last year and I was like, top seven finalists for The Bachelor, something like that when it was all said and done,” he shares.

Caleb explains that he did multiple interviews and psychology assessments for the Channel 10 show - which ultimately starred Jed McIntosh, Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Malucelli - and Warner Bros. International Television Production kept him on file and contacted him a few months later for FBoy Island.


“They gave me a call, they were like, ‘Caleb, we’ve got a show called FBoy Island, you'll be perfect for it’, and I hung up,” he reveals. “I didn’t want to do this show at first. I was like, ‘I’m not an FBoy, what are you talking about?’.

“But I slept on it for a couple of days and I reached back out to them and I was like, ‘Are you guys still taking on people?’. And they were like, ‘Yeah, we are’. I had the first interview, knocked it out of the park, and now we're here.”

What Caleb would've done with the money

Speaking about his strategy for the show, Caleb says he based his “performance” on Garrett Morosky, who won the first season of the US franchise as an FBoy and chose to take the money.

“Going into the show I was like, my story has to be the same for each girl, I'm gonna play them, and I'm gonna let people from home be mad at me for playing them like that,” he details.

“Because if I were the people at home I’d be like, ‘Get him out of there!’. But it makes for people to really get emotionally involved with my character. And if you weren’t emotionally involved with my character, I didn't do my job.”

He adds that his biggest motivation when he signed up for FBoy Island was to win the $50,000, but he would’ve made a surprising decision if Ziara Rae picked him in the finale.

“Honestly, the cheeky me, the ego in me says take the money. But to flip it on the people from home, I would’ve split the money with her,” he shares.

“I would have split it with her because she worked hard for what she's doing, and I just wanted to show some love.”

FBoy Island’s Ziara Rae and Caleb Duncan.
Caleb admits he would’ve split the money with Ziara if she chose him in the finale. Photo: BINGE

'I'm must-watch TV'

Caleb, who believes he “carried the whole show” thanks to his outspoken and charismatic persona, says he has plenty of exciting projects lined up after FBoy Island and looks forward to appearing on TV again in the near future.

“I know Warner Bros. is gonna want to do something with me in the future again because I'm must-watch TV. I would watch me on TV if it wasn't me,” he laughs.

“I have a podcast coming, it’s called ‘The Back of the Bus’. I'm gonna ride the wave and see where it takes me, but I'm more of an actor as well. I've done a lot of live TV with Channel Seven - a lot of people don't know that. I used to sell treadmills and workout bikes, I've done over 40 live TV shows selling stuff, and I've done a couple of movies too, and a lot of commercials as well.

“So I was prime for this, and I'm just ready to keep going. I'm just getting started right now.”

FBoy Island Australia is now streaming on Binge.

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