Angie Kent reeling over Bachelorette 'sloppy seconds' reveal

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Angie was unimpressed when a contestant's earlier lie was exposed. Photo: Ten

Angie Kent has been down the garden path and back on this season of The Bachelorette with shock departuresoverbearing competitors, and a married man or two in the mix just for fun.

Last night, however, an admission from a previous front runner in the competition not only exposed the man himself as a bald-faced liar but left Angie squirming over the possibility she was dining out on the former bachelorette Ali Oetjen's sloppy seconds.

Intruder Ryan Anderson had made a song and dance about letting Angie know he rocked up (late) to the competition for her and her only, the bright lights of fame meant nothing to him (etc.)!

He even said specifically that he would ‘never apply for a show like this’ if it hadn’t been for her.

Ryan was caught in a lie. Photo: Ten

Ryan famously slid into Angie’s DM’s many months ago, well before The Bachelorette announcement, meaning he couldn’t possibly have been in it for the fame ( unless he was after Gogglebox or I’m a Celeb fame), right?


The 32-year-old admitted last night that he had actually applied for Ali Oetjen's season in 2018, meaning his words were nothing but lies, lies, lies and Angie was not having a bar of it.

During a game of Pandora’s Box, (or truth or drink to us plebs) Ryan was asked if he had applied for another season and was forced to fess up.

“Interesting. That’s a fun fact,” Angie said in response, despite her tone betraying it was, in fact, a very un-fun fact.

We've seen this gesture from Angie before, could Ryan be on the out? Photo: Ten

“So I’ve got Aly’s sloppy seconds?” Angie asks, and though Ryan protests ‘not at all’ neither Angie nor us are convinced.

Fans furious

Fans were unimpressed as well, taking to Twitter in the wake of the revelations to call out Ryan for his hypocritical earlier words about the competition.

Despite being caught in a lie Ryan still managed to nab himself a rose at the end of the episode, and to say viewers were disappointed is a huge understatement.

Poor Angie can’t seem to catch a break.

All we can do now is hope she pulls a Honeybadger and picks no one, then Ciarran swings in on a cool motorbike and they live happily ever after.

Or something in that vein.

The Bachelorette airs Thursday 7:30 pm

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