The Bachelorette’s full trailer teases contestants hooking up: ‘Not okay’

Not only has Channel 10 announced that the upcoming season of The Bachelorette premieres Wednesday October 20, but they’ve also released the show’s official trailer featuring a whole lot of drama.

The new video gives fans an extended look at Brooke Blurton’s season - which is set to star both male and female contestants for the very first time - and seemingly confirms that there will be multiple on-screen romances this year.

Bachelorette contestants and Brooke Blurton.
The Bachelorette will feature both men and women in the mansion for the very first time. Photos: Channel Ten

Season seven of The Bachelorette is set to ‘smash boundaries’ with Brooke simultaneously becoming the franchise’s first Indigenous and bisexual star.

“I knew coming into this experience that there might be a possibility that guys and girls would have an attraction to one another,” the 26-year-old says in the trailer.


The clip showcases several different contestants talking, hugging and holding hands, with one male suitor revealing: “There is one guy in here who deviated away from wanting to get to know Brooke.”

“I’m not okay with this,” one woman says as the dramatic music heightens, followed by Brooke talking to the camera about “alarm bells” and “lies”.

Similar to past seasons where the show’s lead appears to be furious with the group’s behaviour - most notably Matt Agnew after the ‘dog c**t’ saga - the trailer shows Brooke looking disappointed while telling contestants that the cocktail party was “a total mindf**k”.

Bachelorette contestants hugging.
The trailer teases that contestants will hook up with each other this year. Photos: Channel Ten

Other parts of the video present the upcoming season as much more wholesome, including a scene where Brooke talks about her history-making opportunity.

“All my life people have tried to put me into boxes, categories, label me. And I think you set your own path. Nothing really defines you unless you want it to,” she tells a blonde contestant.

Fans are also given a glimpse of Brooke standing at the finale in a gorgeous gown ready to profess her love to her ‘winner’.

“I did this experience the first time, it didn’t work. I tried the second, it didn’t work. And the third time has restored my faith in actually loving something so unconditionally and knowing they love you back,” she shares. “I’m so madly in love.”

A number of people have taken to social media to share their reactions to the new trailer, including previous stars of the franchise.

“Oh my gosh I have SHIVERS ON MY WHOLE BODY!” Bachelorette Elly Miles wrote, followed by her sister Becky with, “Oh my god! Bring it on!”

“I’m that fkn excited,” Alisha Aitken-Radburn added, while this year’s Bachelor fan favourite Carlie Hodges commented three heart eyes emojis.

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