The Bachelor's Vakoo and Rachael spotted kissing during romantic dinner date

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
The Bachelor contestants Rachael Arahill and Vakoo Kauapirura have been spotted locking lips. Photo: Diimex

This year’s season of The Bachelor has been full of surprises, and this may be the biggest plot twist we didn’t see coming.

Contestants Vakoo Kauapirura and Rachael Arahill may have signed up to the reality show in a bid to find love with Matt Agnew, but it seems they’ve formed a romance with each other instead.

That’s at least what it looks like from these photos that have emerged of the reality stars passionately locking lips during a night out.

Vakoo and Rachael are seen clinking their wine glasses before sharing a kiss and some cuddles over dinner, with not a worry in the world as to who sees their blossoming romance.

According to New Idea magazine, the pair’s feelings for each other actually developed during their time on the show, meaning poor Matt didn’t stand a chance with either of them.

The reality stars were spotted during a night out in Sydney. Photo: Diimex
The pair kissed and cuddled over dinner. Photo: Diimex

“Rachael and Vakoo formed a really strong friendship in the mansion and their feelings for each other quickly developed into something more,” an alleged source tells the publication.

“They ended up hooking up in the mansion one night after one of the first cocktail parties. It was never filmed and producers never found out about it.”

The images come as Channel Ten promotes a big storyline on The Bachelor this week, involving Rachael admitting to a ‘schoolgirl crush’ on a crew member.

Fellow contestant Mary spills the beans to Matt and alerts him to Rachael’s interest in someone else besides him, which leads to the astrophysicist confronting her in front of the cameras.

They seem to only have eyes for each other. Photo: Diimex

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