The Bachelor's most 'embarrassing' cocktail party yet

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Drama kicked on The Bachelor tonight when Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield confronted Monique Morley. Photo: Channel Ten

At the end of tonight’s Bachelor cocktail party, the contestants couldn’t have put it better themselves – it was embarrassing.

Matt Agnew was forced to confront Monique Morley after Abbie Chatfield claimed her love rival had called the astrophysicist a series of profanities.

The thing is, Monique denied calling him a ‘dog c***’ and ‘disrespectful pig’ from the get go, which meant the cocktail party became a rather amusing game of ‘he said, she said’.

Bachie Matt was pushed to the brink of frustration when Monique continued denying Abbie’s claims to her face, so much so that he literally surveyed the majority of other bachelorettes to find out what really came out of Monique’s mouth.

“It was a joke,” Rachael claimed, while Elly and Emma insisted it was actually said seriously.

Matt Agnew was not happy. Photo: Channel Ten

Sogand explained that Monique and Rachael “talk like bogans”, so apparently that makes her words more forgiving.

“For me, tonight’s been a tremendous waste of time,” Matt finally told the contestants as they gathered on the lawn.

The producers would beg to differ, and frankly, we’re stoked with something substantially dramatic coming out of this season at last.

“I really look forward to these [cocktail parties] to talk to you and get to know you and I feel like it’s just been going around in circles. It’s just absolutely done my head in.

“I’m just,” he paused, before continuing, “it’s just really frustrated me because I was really looking forward to tonight and I feel like it’s just been a waste of time and there’s several girls I didn’t even get to talk to tonight.

“So that’s it,” he concluded, before storming off.

Helena Sauzier gives the rest of the contestants a reality check: 'That was embarrassing'. Photo: Channel Ten

While Mary couldn’t hide her shock, Helena piped up to drill the group.

“Guys it’s like we’re f*****g children, it’s so embarrassing. I think everyone needs to check themselves.”

Embarrassing it was, but not enough of a faux pas for Monique to get booted off.

The Bachelor Australia continues on Thursday at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

After all of that, Monique got her rose. Photo: Channel Ten

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