'I didn't eat for three days': Bachelor contestant on devastating toll of THAT kiss

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Abbie shared an illicit kiss that sparked serious backlash. Photo: Ten

Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield has spoken out about her hot and heavy kiss with Matt Agnew on last Thursday’s episode of The Bachelor, and predictably it was all fun and games, then somebody got hurt.

It looks like that somebody was Abbie, who says that after breaking her promise to the other ladies and smooching Matt last Thursday, the backlash left her bed-ridden and starving.

The 23-year-old spent a lot of her time locking lips with Matt in the orchard on last week’s episode, and though she secured a rose and at least another week on the show, she quickly found herself in serious hot water with the other contestants.

So distraught she starved herself

Now Abbie has spoken out, telling TV Week the drama left her deeply shaken, unable to eat. and seriously ‘unwell’.

"I wasn't coping," she told the magazine. "I had to call the psychologist, and the minders were a bit worried. I didn't eat for three days. I just slept and cried. I really wasn't well."

Abbie says her decision to lock lips left her at the mercy of the other contestants. Photo: Ten

The once-viral horoscope enthusiast copped the backlash after promising the other contestants she would stay away from Matt, and then proceeding to lock lips with him in a steamy embrace, and give her disgruntled fellow contestants a blow-by-blow of exactly went down.

She said despite her initial reaction to the backlash, she managed to eventually shake it off.

“I can handle a bunch of girls. I went to an all-girls school – I can deal with it," she told the magazine.

An unpopular player

Abbie was blasted by other contestants over the perceived double cross. Photo: Ten

Despite being one of Matt’s top picks, Abbie’s sneaky smooches quickly made her the least popular person in The Bachelor mansion, and it’s been revealed that behind-the-scenes things have gone south between the contestant and her rivals.

“Abbie's a sly dog,” fellow contestant Rachael Arahill told OK! magazine about the incident.

What followed was massive tension behind-the-scenes, and a ‘huge divide’ in the mansion.

“All the girls were angry. It caused a huge divide,” Rachael said.

After the episode aired, Abbie made light of her secret kisses with Matt, posting on her Instagram stories, “When she says she’s not going to kiss the bachelor and then...”.

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