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The affordable plunge pool that's changing summer for Aussie families

Submerge into crystal clear water and feel your troubles melt away.

This summer is set to be a scorcher and while a swimming pool is the ideal way to beat the heat, many Aussies haven't had the space or spare cash to have one installed in their yard. But that's changing thanks to OUTBACK plunge pools, which offer a cost-effective, compact way to keep cool.

Aerial shot of an Outback plunge pool
Outback plunge pools are gentle on the environment, your skin and your bank account. Photo: Supplied

Victorian dad Beau Rixon came up with the idea of combining outback water tanks with environmentally friendly, freshwater pools, so they can be installed virtually anywhere. "There's something special about a pool; how it brings people together. We want every Aussie family to have access to that experience," Beau said.


Customers around the country can't stop raving about the affordability and convenience of OUTBACK plunge pools. "We just absolutely LOVE our tank pool. So do all our friends, family and neighbours!" wrote one Aussie in an online review.

Outback plunge pool on rural property
There's nothing like taking a dip in your own pool on a hot summer's day. Photo: Supplied

Made in Australia, OUTBACK plunge pools come in a range of sizes and are constructed from a corrugated, stainless steel shell. Each one can be filled with fresh water and comes with a speed pump, filter and UV sanitising system, which arrives pre-plumbed, eliminating the need for major pool plumbing.

Not only does this mean these pools use minimal chemicals but they're also very cheap to maintain. They cost around $500 a year to run, which is a tenth of what it costs to run a standard pool each year.

Outback plunge pool in a garden
You can customise your Outback pool with lights, jets and seats. Photo: Supplied

The stainless steel shell doesn't fade or need resurfacing, and you can choose your pool to be lined with different colours. You can even add lights, jets, insulation and built-in bench seating to fully customise your pool. Plus, every OUTBACK pool is fully relocatable, so if you move house, you can take it with you.

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