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The 'amazing' non-steroid eczema cream that makes 'red, scaly patches a distant memory'

This range of products gives excellent results.

If you've ever suffered from eczema, you'll know how uncomfortable, sore, and itchy it can be.

This May is Eczema Awareness Month in Australia, giving a voice to the three million Aussies who were affected by eczema last year. Often debilitating, the skin condition can have a big impact on people's lives.

This Eczema Awareness month, eczema sufferers are sharing their experiences with a range that has dramatically helped their skin.

"I absolutely love these products," says one happy user. "I've finally found a product that works," agrees another. "After years of dryness, redness, irritation and itching my face has never looked better."

Curezma range
Curezma is Australia's first and only patented non-steroidal treatment for eczema. Photo: Supplied

Curezma is Australia's first and only patented non-steroidal treatment for eczema. It not only relieves the symptoms of eczema but also addresses the root causes and aids the skin’s natural healing process.

Steroid creams can be harsh when used long-term. "The side effects of steroids are huge," explains co-founder and scientist Aditi Brahmachari. "They are called immunosuppressants for a reason; they affect your immune function and stay in your skin and system for a long time."

“Thinning of the skin is one of the most common side effects of topical steroids," she adds. "If you use potent steroids too much and for too long, they can leave permanent marks like stretch marks, especially on sensitive areas like underarms and behind knees."


There are also more severe side effects. "These include glaucoma and cataracts when applied to the eyelids, and skin issues like acne and folliculitis when used on the face or body."

It was Aditi's understanding of these side effects that inspired her to develop the Curezma range. When her daughter was diagnosed with eczema they wanted to provide some relief for her, without relying on harsh steroids.

Curezma kids range
Curezma has an adults and a kids range. Photo: Supplied

"Steroids are often the first and only option prescribed to manage eczema, especially for children, and we wanted to rectify this," she says.

Her concern was around the fact that when some people stop taking steroids, this can make their skin feel worse. "Topical steroid withdrawal may cause the skin to become intensely red, inflamed, and itchy," she says. "This discomfort can spread beyond the original areas treated with steroids."

Curezma is TGA-listed, clinically proven, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically approved. Their Adult Eczema Regime Bundle, $96.23 includes the Hydrating Hypoallergenic Cleanser, Barrier Repair Serum, Intensive Ointment and their Anti-Flare Oil.

Those who've tried the range can't stop raving about the incredible results.

"What a difference a week can make, my 3-year-old's skin is soft and moisturised, and the red scaly patches are almost a distant memory," says one delighted parent. "We have tried the whole range and seen amazing results," agrees another.

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