Kmart shoppers lose it over $20 Christmas product

Parents are adding a little 'magic' to their homes with this fun device.

There's no doubt Kmart is a go-to for fun and affordable Christmas supplies, and this year, there is one must-have item that has shoppers flocking to the store.

Customers are scrambling to get their hands on the budget retailer's Christmas Wireless Lighting Magical Switch, with one fan raving about the find on Facebook. "This is so awesome," she wrote alongside a video of herself lighting up her tree from across the room with the switch.

Confused by what it actually does? Let us explain what all the hype is about.

Kmart Christmas switch; Lit-up Christmas tree
Kmart's Magic Christmas Switch is proving to be a hit with adults just as much as kids. Photo: Kmart/Facebook

The $20 wireless lighting switch is used to turn on your Christmas tree lights with one flick of a lever. The battery-operated switch integrates with your tree fairy lights and lights up with sound when the lever is pulled to turn on.

It's especially handy if your Christmas tree lights are plugged into a hard-to-reach place. But apart from the practical side, Kmart shoppers are getting a kick out of the switch's "magical elf witchcraft" ability. "I need this magic in my life! Off to Kmart in the morning, I guess," one Facebook user responded.


"For all the mums like me who hate ducking down to turn on your Christmas lights, here is the answer to our problem. This is the magical switch from Kmart for $20, with sounds and connects to your lights for easy on/off," another impressed Kmart fan shared.

Kmart Magical Christmas Switch
The $20 switch integrates with the lights on your Christmas tree. Photo: Kmart

This is the first time Kmart has stocked the device, which appears to connect to most pre-lit trees and low-voltage fairy lights. Those who've tested it out can't stop raving about it. "It's a hit in our place! Such a cool little gadget,” one impressed Kmart shopper wrote.


"Definitely recommend the Magical Switch from Kmart! So fun for the kids!" added someone else.

Kmart Magical Christmas Wand
Kmart is also selling a Magic Christmas Wand that lights up your tree with one magical wave. Photo: Kmart

Apart from the Magical Switch, Kmart is also selling a Christmas Lighting Magical Wand that works in the same way. According to the Kmart website, you simply wave the interactive wand towards your Christmas tree, and it will light up and make a magical sound before turning on the tree lights.

The wand works as a wireless controller to integrate with low-voltage fairy lights and bring a little Christmas magic to your living room every night when you turn on the tree.

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