Mum's Kmart 'dumping ground' storage hack delights shoppers: 'Yes please!'

If you need a place for all the things that don't have a place in your home, this hack is for you!

Everybody has one. That designated ‘dumping ground’ spot in the house where all the junk, miscellaneous mail, toys and bits and pieces eventually end up.

But one woman has come up with a ‘genius’ way to organise everything in one easy place using a simple $8 product from Kmart.

Sharing her hack on TikTok, Ange McKenzie who runs a professional cleaning and home organising account, says she’s found the ultimate storage hack that’s become a “dumping ground life saver”.

“I have this one specific spot on my bench which just attracts all the junk. Paperwork, toys, whatever. It is always there and sometimes I just don't have the time to put them all back in their spot,” she told her followers.

“So I put all the bits and pieces in the container and I'll generally empty it out when it's full or within a couple of days, but this just makes it so easy.”

Kmart storage hack
The TikTok video racked up more than 12,000 views with her followers loving the idea. Source: TikTok/@_ange_mckenzie_

The storage container - which can be found in Kmart's laundry section - is ideal for her hack because it has a magnetic stripe on the back and can be hidden away on the side of the fridge. Plus, it can hold up to three kilos and measures 32 centimetres wide - so that’s a pretty big storage space for all of the random things that don’t have a designated place.

The mum from Western Australia had a huge response to her idea, with many saying they couldn't wait to try it out for themselves.

“Ooh I'm going to get one for each kid so they can then take them back to their room to put away,” one impressed follower said.

Kmart storage hack
All the clutter on her bench top was neatly stashed away, hidden at the side of the fridge. Photo: TikTik/@_ange_mckenzie_

“Wow thank you for sharing, I love this idea,” added another.

“Literally flicked over to the Kmart app and ordered!! Onepass free delivery. Yes please!” shared a third.

This isn't the first time the popular product from everyone's favourite budget retailer has been used as a handy storage hack.


Another mum shared her idea for using the container to store all of her family members’ drink bottles that end up being left all over the house.

“Used these on the side of the fridge for the mountains of drink bottles we apparently need. They are from the laundry section, $8 and magnetic,” the woman said on Facebook.

Her game-changing idea was labelled the “best hack yet” with hundreds of comments on her post.

Kmart Fridge hack
The Kmart product has been praised as a 'life-changing' storage solution to store almost anything around the home. Photo: Facebook

Meanwhile, the nifty product received rave reviews on the Kmart website too, with lots of shoppers praising the product with one calling it the “best invention ever” and another saying it “makes life really easy” around the home.

“I bought three of these, and they work very well. I Just LOVE them! I have two on the outside of my laundry sink and a third on the side of my fridge with 10 rolled-up up tea-towels,” one person said.

“I absolutely love this and have it on the side of my fridge to put our wallet, keys & other bibs & bobs. It holds well & has never fallen off!” Another confirmed.

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