Texas Roadhouse's Frozen Mini Rolls Bring The Famed Side To Your Kitchen

Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls pack
Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls pack - Megan Hageman/Tasting Table

There's no shortage of reasons to lasso the family and get on down to your neighborhood Texas Roadhouse. The come-as-you-are chophouse has always served up legendary food, from hand-cut steaks to fall-of-the-bone ribs and golden-fried Cactus Blossoms — not to mention its array of boozy beverages like margaritas and Island Coolers. But, if you're one of those people who schedules a trip to the restaurant solely for the warm dinner rolls and cloying cinnamon butter, then I have some Texas-sized news for you: These beloved buns are going retail.

That's right. Texas Roadhouse has officially released frozen mini roll packs, sold with a packet of honey cinnamon glaze, to select Walmart locations. "Nothing beats the fresh-baked bread we make in our restaurants daily," the restaurant chain said in a statement to USA Today. "However, we're excited for our guests to have an inspired by product available to them to make at home."

It all sounds like a doughy dream. But, before you dash out the door on the hunt for this fresh new product, there are some things you should know. Read on to find out where the rolls are currently being sold, how much they cost, and if they rise up to the expectations set by their pillowy predecessors.

Prices are as of the date of publication and may vary based on region. 

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Where Can You Find The Buttery Rolls?

Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls pack
Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls pack - Megan Hageman/Tasting Table

Unlike Texas Roadhouse restaurants, which are peppered all around the U.S., these new branded rolls are only up for grabs in a small Midwestern region — at least, for now. As of June 29, the rolls are being tested exclusively at Walmart locations in the lucky states of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. However, a few customers saw them pop up a few days in advance of the release date, as early as June 25.

If you happen to live in one of the chosen states, you'll want to head to the freezer section of your nearby Walmart to get your hands on a bag. I found these rolls nestled amongst other popular frozen roll options like Rhodes, Sister Schubert's, and, of course, the store's generic Great Value brand.

If you're not in the selected trial area, don't fret. The buttery goodness could still be yours soon. Walmart told USA Today that the rolls are set to launch "in all stores in the coming weeks." To stave off your cravings in the meantime, the restaurant's in-store rolls will always be there for you, either for dine-in or carry-out.

How Much Do They Sell For?

Two Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls
Two Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls - Megan Hageman/Tasting Table

Whether you dine-in at the steak house chain or order food to go, its rolls and their cinnamon butter sidekick magically appear with your order at no extra cost — like a glorious gift. But, extra fresh-baked bread can also be purchased for carry-out on its website. At my local store, six rolls cost $3.49 and a full dozen were listed as $5.99. This price isn't set in stone, as Texas Roadhouse has raised its prices for the third time in under a year and isn't immune to changing product and labor costs. The frozen mini rolls ring up at a similar price point; I purchased a 12-pack of these rolls with the cinnamon honey butter for $5.26 at my local Walmart, which comes out to about $0.44 per roll.

This price is comparable to Sister Schubert's dinner yeast rolls which retail at Walmart for $4.12 for a pack of 10, or $0.41 per roll. But, when pitted against brands like Rhodes, the Texas Roadhouse roll cost looks more inflated. Rhodes dinner rolls are sold in bags of 36 for $4.84 each, which comes out to just $0.13 a pop.

What Do The Nutrition Facts Look Like?

Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls in tray
Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls in tray - Megan Hageman/Tasting Table

We're not necessarily eating Texas Roadhouse rolls for the nutrition aspect — it's more for the sweet and doughy deliciousness. But, it's always good to know where our food stands. According to the package, each frozen roll weighs in at 120 calories. The label does not specify if this factors in the cinnamon honey butter or not. The total fat listed per roll is at 5 grams, carbs sit at 15 grams, and there are 3 grams of added sugar. Each one also has 125 milligrams of sodium and 2 grams of protein.

The frozen iterations are labeled as "mini," so expect that they will come out slightly smaller than the Texas Roadhouse rolls you're used to. That also means that nutrition facts are different. A fresh-baked roll at the restaurant, in comparison, has 200 calories, 8 grams of fat, 200 milligrams of sodium, 28 total carbs, 4 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of protein. And, this doesn't include the side glob of cinnamon butter which inevitably ups the ante.

Taste Test: Texas Roadhouse Mini Rolls

Texas Roadhouse mini rolls with glaze
Texas Roadhouse mini rolls with glaze - Megan Hageman/Tasting Table

These small dough balls whip up quickly with little to no effort. Just top the aluminum tray they come in with loose foil, bake at 350 F for 27 to 30 minutes, drizzle on the thawed packet of honey cinnamon glaze, and voilà; you'll have sweet delectability at your fingertips. Each roll is blocky and square-shaped rather than rounded. Instead of having that fluffy, cloud-like mouthfeel that the restaurant's rolls are known for, these rolls are defined by their dense doughiness.

However, these facts do nothing to detract from their enjoyability. The rolls themselves, before the glaze is even administered, are lightly sweet and buttery all on their own — similar to the tiny buns Chick-fil-A uses for its Chick-n-Minis. The butter blend embellishes the lot, seeping into each roll and coating the entire tray in a honeyed cinnamon swirl. Instead of drenching the platter, the option to keep the butter on the side — as the steakhouse does — is also there. Though, the consistency of this butter is much thinner and more pourable than the scoopable whipped stuff served in-house.

The only true complaint the product elicits is that the rolls on the edge of the pan get a tad crunchier than the ones in the middle, but this is just a minor setback. The treats may also be better classified as a dessert rather than an appetizer or meal accompaniment. But, that's not a problem -- more an observation.

How Do They Compare To Other Bread Brands?

Basket of various rolls
Basket of various rolls - Максим Крысанов/Getty Images

There's no frozen dinner roll that perfectly parallels this newcomer from Texas Roadhouse. No other package of rolls comes with its own buttery, frosting-like finish. Unless of course, we step into cinnamon roll territory. But, there is one brand that comes close in terms of texture, sweet taste, and looks: Sister Schubert's. The brand makes Parker House-style frozen yeast rolls that bear a resemblance to Texas Roadhouse's product. The two offerings are sneakily similar, both packed into one tray instead of thrown individually in a bag, and each bake up from frozen in about the same amount of time.

Rhodes would be your best bet if you're looking for a bun that more closely mimics the texture of the rolls at your local Texas Roadhouse. The company has plenty of variations, but its frozen dinner rolls have that perfect puffed-up yeastiness and brown color that diners are used to. They also come at a killer price point, as previously mentioned. However, you'll have to have some patience when you buy and cook up this bag; each dough dumpling needs three to five hours of rising time before it can make its way to the cooking stage. It's a not-so-sweet waiting game that you might not be willing to play -- especially if you're super hungry.

Are The Texas Roadhouse Mini Rolls Worth Buying?

Front of Texas Roadhouse restaurant
Front of Texas Roadhouse restaurant - refrina/Shutterstock

Although they are not dead ringers for the legendary Texas Roadhouse rolls we all know and love, the frozen mini rolls are still worthy of praise — and your $5. They check off all the boxes for features that I look for in a quality frozen bread product. Convenience? Check. Justifiable price point? Check. Good flavor? Double check.

Some die-hard fans may like the frozen rolls a little less compared to the originals, while others may appreciate them even more. But, at the end of the day (and with comparisons aside), this is a tasty new innovation through and through. It also beats making dinner rolls at home when you're in a pinch. Plus, the rolls are super versatile. The package suggests turning them into cinnamon rolls, sliders, or even cheesy stuffed bread, in addition to just eating them plain and smothered in butter sauce. With all that said, the Texas Roadhouse frozen mini rolls certainly have my stamp of approval. Now, all we have to do is wait for their nationwide rollout.

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