TikToker shares 'disgusting' message sent by Tinder match: 'Done with men'

In yet another example of some of the horrors faced by many in today's online dating scene, a woman has shared the 'disgusting' body-shaming message she received from a man she matched with on Tinder.

"Thanks Mikey," TikTok user Em captioned a video sharing the screenshots of the conversation online, where it quickly went viral with over 3.7M views.

Em screenshots of a conversation with a Tinder match
Em shared screenshots of a conversation she had with a Tinder match. Photo: TikTok

"Hey baby. Put down that cupcake and sprint to my house," the man, Mikey, begins the exchange.

"You look like you hide cupcakes in your bedside table," he continues.

A little shocked, Em replies: "The f*** is that supposed to mean lmao".

To which Mikey brutally responds: "It means you're slightly obese."


TikTok tinder match body shaming video
The guy was slammed for his body-shaming message. Photo: TikTok

The clip was flooded with thousands of reactions, and most people couldn't believe the message they were reading.

"I can't believe there are people like this…. Girl you're beautiful truly!" one person commented.


"I’m done with men at this point," was another response, while a fourth said: "That’s disgusting."

It comes after another woman shared a shocking discovery on TikTok after asking a date to leave her house.

TikToker Lulu shared the tale to her account @notsimpqueen7 explaining that her Hinge date had used two of her 'favourite' lipsticks to write on her toilet seat, adding that she had "bad vibes", and joking in the caption that her "weirdo radar was spot on".

"Kicked out a hinge date within 15 minutes of meeting him because of bad vibes and he asked to use the bathroom before leaving," she wrote on the video.

In the clip red writing can be seen on the underside of her toilet seat, with the word 'RUN' written in capital letters.

"He also wrote his phone number on the seat??"

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