Target shopper discovers the $25 'holy grail' of dupes: 'Literally unreal'

The designer lookalike bag will only set you back $25.

A savvy Target shopper has taken the internet by storm with her recent in-store dupe discovery, an accessory that's giving renowned high-end design house Brie Leon a run for their money.

TikToker, Cailey Nolan, who stumbled across Target's $25 half-moon brown shoulder bag at her local store, has shared the Brie Leon lookalike for fellow bag lovers and bargain hunters.

Target dupe for the Brie Leon Croissant Buckle Bag.
One Target shopper has found what she calls the 'ultimate' dupe for the Brie Leon Croissant Buckle Bag. Photo: TikTok/@caileyymay

In her TikTok video, she exclaimed, "I have just found the holy grail dupe," sharing footage of herself purchasing a Target bag that bears a striking resemblance to Brie Leon's Croissant Buckle bag, a luxury item priced at $259, which is over ten times the cost of her Target find.

"I’m literally obsessed with it," she told her followers.


Target's versatile shoulder bag comes in both classic black and brown shades, and looks very similar in style to several Brie Leon designs, including the coveted Croissant Buckle bag and the stylish, more moderately priced $110 Antonia bag.

Commenters on Cailey's TikTok couldn't help but express their amazement at her bargain find.

One user exclaimed, "Why does this one look even nicer, omg?" While another excitedly said, "Thanks gf, I'll be running."

One dedicated shopper shared, "I ran to Target today they didn’t have the stock of the black colour so I ordered it online. So excited for this staple dupe."

"Thank you for not gatekeeping this," said another follower.

 Target version of Brie Leon bag.
Available in both black and brown, the leather-look half moon bag from Target is the perfect budget dupe of the more expensive Brie Leon bag. Photo: TikTook/@caileyymay
Designer bag brand Brie Leon croissant bag
Target's half moon shoulder bag is similar to several bags sold by designer bag brand Brie Leon. Photo: Brie Leon

Before you start the car, make sure to check the stock levels at your local store, because many followers reported having trouble locating the bag during their shopping.

"It’s sold out in literally every store in Melbourne," one shopper lamented, while another chimed in that it's actually "sold out Aus wide."

A quick search on the Target website confirms it's sold out almost everywhere, but you might just be in luck if you're anywhere near regional Victoria or NSW, with limited stock available listed in Horsham, Wodonga, and Goulburn. For those in Queensland, you may be lucky enough to find the coveted bag in Ipswich, Mowbray, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Bribie Island or Earlville.

Happy shopping!

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