Tammy Hembrow's baby joy

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Christmas has come early in the Hembrow household, after Tammy Hembrow’s sister gave birth to a baby boy.

Tammy, who has two adorable kids of her own, three-year-old Wolf and two-year-old Saskia, took to her Instagram to gush over her new nephew.

“Words can’t begin to describe this moment. Congrats to my big sis on her new baby boy,” Tammy, who has nine million followers on Instagram, wrote.

“So so proud of you sis you did so good,” she said, tagging her sister in the post.

The 24-year-old Gold Coast native went on to reveal that she ‘literally pulled him out’ and that it was such a special moment because she didn’t get to have a natural birth with either of her kids.

Tammy’s sister, Emilee, also has a massive legion of fans, with 925,000 Instagram followers, who were holding their breath waiting for her to give birth to her second child.

She posted her own snap of her precious newborn on her page, alongside the caption: “Love at first sight”.

Her sister, Amy Hembrow, posted another photo of Emilee sitting in her hospital bed her son and her daughter, Aaliyah.

The Hembrows are shaping up to be the Kardashian clan of Australia and even released their own Christmas card this year, which looks very similar to the one the Kardashians posed for back in 2012.

The photo shared on the Instagram account of the social media star’s sister, Emilee, shows the family all wearing white, and this portrait is not the only similarity the Hembrows share with the most controversial showbiz family.

For starters, Tammy could be seen as the original star of the family, much like Kim Kardashian catapulted the entire Kardashian crew to major fame.

She first burst onto the scene in 2015 after revealing her incredibly toned figure just 12 days after the birth of her first son, Wolf.

The card looks very similar to one the Kardashians released in 2012. Photo: Nick Saglimbeni/E!

In 2017, she was named as a member of Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Good Squad’ for her Good American jeans brand and later appeared in campaign images with the reality star.

Meanwhile Tammy’s sisters also flaunt some impressive social media followings on their Instagram accounts.

Eldest sibling Amy, 28, is a general manager at Saski Collection, while Emilee is following hot on Tammy’s heels with Insta fans.

Tammy’s half-sister, Starlette, already has an impressive 123k Instagram following by the age of 18, and has proved she could be the very next Kylie Jenner.

Missing from the portrait on this occasion was Tammy’s 13-year-old sister Ava.

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