Tammy Hembrow's breastfeeding snap targeted by trolls: 'Disgusting'

Fitness star Tammy Hembrow has received some "disgusting" comments online after she shared an innocent breastfeeding snap with her daughter.

The influencer is currently in Bali for one of her fitness retreats along with her young family and fiancé Matt Poole.

L: Tammy Hembrow in a pink and white tube top. R: Tammy Hembrow breastfeeds her daughter Posy
Tammy Hembrow's latest post has been targeted by 'perverts'. Photo: Instagram/tammyhembrow

Her baby girl Posy was born in June and the star previously shared with fans that she had "pretty severe postpartum haemorrhaging".

In her latest carousel Instagram post, the fitness guru shared a number of photos from Bali.

“Beach day w my beach bae,” she wrote alongside a sweet photo of herself breastfeeding Posy while relaxing in the sun.


Her other photos showed off her incredible bikini body, her family in holiday mode, and some of the delicious food they’d been eating.

Two photos of Tammy Hembrow in a pink bikini on a Bali beach
The star sizzled in a revealing pink bikini. Photo: Instagram/tammyhembrow

While most of her fans loved that Tammy was highlighting breastfeeding in public, there were some "unhinged" trolls that started to sexualise the mother of three.

Many of the trolls were ogling the influencer and commented that they wanted to be the infant.

Tammy’s fans hit back at the trolls online, and told them to stop commenting.

“What is wrong with you? Get help. Pervert,” one wrote angrily.

“Some of these comments are outright disturbing and the exact reason women shy away from feeding in public. Stop sexualising her damn babies, you absolute low lives,” another added.

“If the trolls think a mother doing the most natural thing, feeding her baby, then making vile comments — they have a more disturbing problem than I first thought. I think this photo is beautiful,” a third chimed in.

Tammy Hembrow holding her daughter on a couch, breastfeeding
The influencer is an advocate for breastfeeding and tries to normalise it. Photo: Instagram/tammyhembrow

There were also plenty of people who couldn’t believe how good the influencer looked after having three children.

“Tammy the GOAT like…you’re a heroine mummy with a machine for a body. The lot of us can only imagine,” one gushed.

“Yes, like how can she bounce back that quick?!” another asked.

“No clue how you have that body after having three kids girl, I see why your following is what it is,” a third commented.

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