Influencer's racy swimsuit divides fans: 'Why bother?'

An influencer has divided her fans after sharing a snap of her wearing a racy swimsuit on holiday in Bali that leaves very little to the imagination.

Emily Davies shared photos on Instagram of her donning the skimpy brown G-string swimsuit, which is a similar style to the famous Borat mankini.

"Good to be back," she captioned the photo while tagging herself in Bali.

Many of her 368,000 followers were desperate to know where the swimwear was from.

Emily Davies wears a racy brown swimsuit.
Emily Davies wowed fans with the swimsuit while others were less than impressed. Source: Instagram

"Bod of my dreams," one commented.

"Iconic queen," another wrote.

"You are actually unreal," a third added.

"Actual goddess," a fan said.

Her followers however were divided, with some not understanding the point of the swimsuit.

"Why bother with swimmers at all?" one questioned.

"This is what our children aspire to be like … influencers who promote shallowness … so much for integrity and hard work," an infuriated follower said.


The influencer's bikini shot comes after a star's "disgusting" bikini sparked debate online.

Actress and model Coco Austin divided fans after she was snapped wearing a skimpy bikini while supervising her child at a swimming pool in May.

The wife of rapper Ice-T posted photos on Instagram of her wearing a pink and blue G-string bikini while cooling down with her daughter Chanel in The Bahamas.

Many fans were in awe of Coco's physique, telling the mum she looked "gorgeous".

Other outraged fans however believed her choice of swimwear was "inappropriate" around children.

"It's disgusting that's what you think is acceptable to wear around children," one said.

"A bit much around the kids now Coco," somebody else claimed.

"Girl put some clothes on when your child is around [shaking my head]," a third commented.

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