Tammin Sursok slams 'weight loss' hack for 7-year-old kids: 'Angry'

Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok has slammed a YouTube show aimed at young children for its ‘disgusting’ content.

Taking to her Instagram, the actress shared clips from the popular 123 GO! YouTube show, where one ‘hack’ encouraged young children to tape up their midsection to look skinnier.

L: Screenshot from 123 GO! showing a woman squeezing the fat around her stomach. R: Selfie of Tammin Sursok talking to her followers. text reads: Try to get this episode removed and I'd like your guys help.
Tammin Sursok has slammed the YouTube show for the damaging 'hack'. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok & Youtube/123 GO!

“I’m so angry. This is a show aimed at young girls,” the star wrote.

“I’m going to personally get involved. This should and CAN NOT be allowed to be on the air. Hacks for your love handles to look skinnier aimed at seven-year-olds.”

Tammin then told followers she was ‘disgusted’ by the content.


The segment depicts a school student feeling unhappy with her stomach, blaming her ‘chips’ for giving her ‘jiggly’ abs.

The student then attempts to exercise, until they present an easier option: using sticky tape.

“Grab the tape behind your back, and stick one end to your love handle. Then stick it tautly to the other side. It’s like a super cheap facelift for your midsection,” the presenter exclaims.

The Pretty Little Liars actress spoke to her followers, urging everybody to take action.

L: A shot of a TV depicting a woman taping around her mid section, text reads: Disgusting. Hacks to make you look slimmer. R: Selfie of Tammin Sursok as she talks to her followers, text reads: @youtube
The star urged her followers to complain about the episode. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok & YouTube/123 GO!

“I’m going to find out more information about the show that I just showed you. It’s a YouTube show that my 8-year-old watches, and her 3-year-old sister, and it’s fun hacks for kids.

“I am going to find out more, I am going to figure out how to try to get this episode removed and I’d like your help,” she said, before telling fans to contact YouTube and 123 GO!

Some fans have already started commenting on the 123 GO! Instagram account, with one simply writing: “DISGUSTING.”

“What the f*** is up with your repulsive video ‘hack’ aimed at children to lose weight?? Encouraging children to put STICKY TAPE over their bodies? You’re effed up,” another added.

Another messaged Tammin and said they had also complained to 123 GO! about the content.

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