Tammin Sursok catches Covid a year after husband nearly died from the virus

Tammin Sursok has revealed she and her daughter Phoenix have both caught Covid after the eight-year-old brought the virus "home from school".

"Someone brought something home from school yesterday," the former Home and Away actress captioned a snap of herself in bed as well as a photo of a positive RAT.

Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok has revealed she has caught Covid a year after her husband nearly died from the virus. Photo: Instagram/Tammin Sursok
Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok has revealed she has caught Covid a year after her husband nearly died from the virus. Photo: Instagram/Tammin Sursok

"After two years of not getting Covid I finally got it. Phoenix tested positive and I just tested positive. I can't believe how fast it moves from one person to another.

"Symptoms so far are scratchy throat, running nose, slight spicy cough, aches and a slight headache and fatigue and sweats at night. Phoenix is totally fine and wanting to get out of our new iso."


She continued, "Lennon [three] and Sean are negative as of now but they are the ones I'm worried about. Please keep them in our thoughts.

"Here is to health and well-being ASAP!"

She added in the comments that she and her family are vaccinated and boosted and took to her Instagram Stories to share that she wasn't feeling too unwell, but did have a fever.

Tammin Sursok's family
Tammin's eldest daughter Phoenix brought the virus home from school, but her husband Sean and youngest daughter Lennon have tested negative so far. Photo: Instagram/Tammin Sursok

Many of her followers shared their experiences with Covid, with fellow former Home and Away star Todd Lasance commenting, "Ohhhh dude! Hope you’re doing okay! Far out, after the billion trips you’ve done and managed to escape it, now you get it from school, hope it doesn’t hit too hard!"

Tammin has previously shared her fears over her husband Sean McEwan catching Covid after he almost died from the virus last year.

Earlier this year, she thought he may have caught it again after coming down with a high fever. However, he didn't test positive, despite his symptoms being synonymous with the virus.

She admitted at the time she still has "PTSD" after almost losing him.

On Christmas Eve, Tammin shared a sweet tribute to her husband of ten years, writing, "To dear Sean, on our 10 year wedding anniversary...We almost lost you a year ago. I remember driving down the street and my heart started breaking.

"I don’t remember a memory without you in it. Without loving you, without us laughing or surviving or dreaming or needing each other. My memories are you."

Sean McEwan and Tammin Sursok
Tammin has previously spoken about how scared she was to almost lose Sean when he caught Covid last year. Photo: Instagram/Tammin Sursok

She continued, sharing some of her favourite memories, "Eating frozen cherries in Turkey, waking up at 4am to the Cambodian sunrise, getting seasick on a boat in the Seychelles, sleeping with our babies in the hospital at one day old, making movies together in the heat of Oklahoma, living through a pandemic...

"Us together, walking through life, through better or worse, in sickness and in health.

"Today I vow to create more memories with you. To listen more and speak less. To live more and fear less, to be your safe place to fall. To love you for the rest of my life."

She then described him as, "My hero, my lover, my best friend."

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle last year, Tammin shared Sean was still battling a variety of symptoms — such as short-term memory loss and severe joint pain — commonly referred to as 'Long Covid'.

"He is still struggling for sure," she said. "He had Covid in January, he had no pre-existing conditions, he's young, he's fit.

"I think that the information or the misinformation that we're getting is that [Covid] only affects older people with pre-existing conditions, my husband is proof that that is not true."

"Covid is very sneaky. You don't know how it's going to affect you and that's what's scary."

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