'Ageless' Vera Wang stuns in crop top at 73rd birthday party: 'Icon'

Vera Wang has once again left her followers stunned after sharing snaps from her 73rd birthday celebrations, with many calling her "ageless".

The designer wore a few different outfits for the occasion with one being a tiny pink crop top and matching miniskirt, which she and her friends celebrated by doing karaoke.

Vera Wang
Vera Wang left her followers stunned when she revealed she was celebrating her 73rd birthday, with many saying they don't understand how she looks so good. Photo: Instagram/Vera Wang

Her followers shared their well wishes and asked her for the secret to her youthful look after Vera shared some snaps to Instagram, with one user writing, "Happy birthday ❤️ gosh share your secret please you look like you're 30!"


"Happy birthday! You look like 21🤔 please share your secret," another asked.

Others described her as "ageless" and an "icon", while a third added, "You keeping getting younger and younger each year, no wonder women are like fine wine with years!"

Vera Wang 73rd birthday
At one point she wore a tiny pink crop top and matching miniskirt. Photo: Instagram/Vera Wang

"I want to be like you in my [70s], never age," someone else wrote, while another said, "This lady cannot be in her 70s and look like this!"

Vera's secret to looking ageless

Vera Wang swimsuit
Vera has previously opened up about the secret to her ageless looks, saying it's due to getting enough sleep, exercise and having fun. Photo: Instagram/Vera Wang

Vera has previously opened up about the secret to her ageless looks comes down to one part exercise, one part sleep, and one part fun.

"Sleep is a very big part and certainly vodka,” Vera told People in November 2020. "Because I mean, it's just so great to be able to unwind with a cocktail."

Of the hype and attention paid to her body, she said she found it 'so crazy'.

Vera said that after years working behind the scenes, she found the experience of being under the microscope herself disconcerting.

"I always thought of myself as somebody who, in all fairness, was the creator and not the subject matter,” she revealed. "So it was sort of shocking. I can't lie to you."

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