Sunrise's Sam Mac shocks with insane holiday cost: 'Expensive'

Sam Mac is currently in Italy for the star-studded wedding of Scotty James and Chloe Stroll.

Sam Mac is living it up in Italy at the moment, after attending the star-studded A-list wedding of Australian snowboarder Scotty James.

Hollywood royalty such as Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones were in attendance, as were Sarah Ferguson and Australian F1 star Daniel Ricciardo.

Sam Mac on a gondola in Italy
Sam Mac is living it up in Italy. Photo: Facebook/Sam Mac

Scotty James tied the knot with billionaire heiress Chloe Stroll, whose brother Lance drives for Aston Martin in Formula 1.

Sunrise weather presenter Sam Mac was one of the VIPs at the wedding, with his partner Rebecca being the sister of the groom.

However, there was one holiday attraction cost in Venice that left Sam a bit shocked, with the star taking to his social media accounts to upload his thoughts on it.


“The face of pure joy, after paying €80, $130 in Australia, to ride a gondola in Venice,” Sam Mac said.

The 41-year-old went on to document the whole gondola ride, singing songs, trying to banter with the gondola rider and make the most out of his $130 ride.

According to many travel websites, $130 for the ride should get you between 40 minutes to one hour on the sightseeing vessel.

Sam Mac didn’t just have to pay the money once though, as his partner Beck got jealous after seeing his solo trip.

Sam Mac drone shot in Venice
Sam paid €80, $130 in Australia, to ride a gondola in Venice. Photo: Facebook/Sam Mac

“Time to go past Beck at the hotel, predominantly so she could get this drone-style angle,” Sam said in the video.

“Then I got in trouble with Bec for going solo so had to pay €80.”

Sam’s fans and friends commented on the video, with The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies writing: “Whole trip looks incredible. Beyond.”

“Worth every euro. Looks like the most amazing trip,” Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew wrote.

Earlier this month it was revealed that comedian Jimmy Rees was set to join Sunrise, taking over from Sam Mac.

“Breaking news. I am becoming the Sunrise weather guy all week next week. I’ve been channelling Sam Mac," he said on the show.

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac - who took over from Edwina Bartholomew as weather presenter on the hit morning show in 2016 - travelled to Italy with the couple’s adorable six-month-old daughter, Margot.

Gondolas in Venice
Sam Mac is currently in Italy for the star-studded wedding of Scotty James and Chloe Stroll. Photo: Facebook/Sam Mac

Speaking with TV Week, Sam previously shared the relatable struggles of trying to pack for a holiday with a baby.

"Anyone who is a parent, or who has had a baby realizes how much stuff they have like they are absolute divas," he said.

"I thought I was a diva but then travelling with Margot, even if you are going out half the day you are taking out half the content of your house just in case."

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