Sunrise's Natalie Barr takes a subtle swipe at Kochie live on-air

They have playful banter as the hosts of one of Australia’s top breakfast TV show but Natalie Barr and Kochie had a bit of an awkward interaction live on air on Wednesday morning.

The hosts were discussing footage of Prince Charles nodding off during a ceremony to mark Barbados becoming a republic.

Natalie Barr and Kochie on Sunrise
Natalie Barr and Kochie had an awkward exchange on Sunrise. Photo: Sunrise

News presenter Edwina Bartholomew stuck up for the 73-year-old future monarch, saying: “Who hasn’t?”

Natalie Barr replied: “Exactly. Sometimes when Kochie’s doing a segment, I’m prone to just maybe shutting my eyes just for a second.”

Kochie looked thoroughly unimpressed by Nat’s quip, shaking his head as Nat gave the camera an awkward glance.


Natalie Barr and Kochie talking on Sunrise
'Sometimes when Kochie’s doing a segment, I’m prone to just maybe shutting my eyes just for a second,' Nat said. Photo: Sunrise

It’s not the first time the pair have had a prickly exchange live on air, as in September, Nat was forced to fly solo at the beginning of the show when Kochie missed the opening.

The 53-year-old presenter looked perplexed when the show came on air, saying: “Hello and welcome to Thursday, I’m Natalie Barr. David Koch was here just a few minutes ago but he just stepped out of the studio.”

Natalie Barr and Kochie laughing on Sunrise
Things looked a bit awkward between the pair. Photo: Sunrise

Kochie then came strolling on to the set, with Nat asking him: “Did you know we were on?”

“No, I got my timing wrong. I was in recording a package,” Kochie said.

Nat looked baffled as she told him: “We’re not finished, we’re starting.”

“It’s already started ladies and gentlemen, I’m only admitted into the show,” Kochie replied.

The rest of the hosts continued, with Nat saying: "You have one job” and Mark Beretta adding: “If you’re happy we’ll get started now.”

Nat Barr took over hosting duties on the show back in March from Samantha Armytage, following her shock departure.

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