Sunrise's Kochie attempts 'ridiculous' trend on-air: 'Silver balls'

Edwina Bartholomew encouraged Kochie to use a beauty roller.

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Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch looked taken aback on-air when Edwina Bartholomew gave him a silver face roller to try out. The hosts were discussing a segment about One Direction’s Niall Horan, who recently shared his 22-step “feel good” routine for Vogue.

The pop star’s regime included skincare, haircare and his favourite scents. However, there was one beauty tool that left Natalie Barr and Kochie baffled.

Sunrise's Natalie Barr and David Kochie on the show
Sunrise stars David 'Kochie' Koch and Natalie Barr were confused by Niall Horan's beauty regime. Photo: Seven

“We need our skin too lads, we only get one skin, so look after it,” the singer said, before running a beauty roller over his skin. Beauty rollers are supposed to help decrease puffiness and give users a glowing complexion.

Edwina handed a silver version to the bewildered host who immediately started rolling it on his face.

“I knew you’d have questions about the silver balls he’s putting on his face, these have come from Maria, our makeup artist,” she explained. “You just rub them into your face, right over your face, deep Kochie. They sort of relax a face, and really sort of bring down the puffiness.”


Kochie then started to roll the beauty tool over his nose, asking if it would make his nose “shorter”.

“Well, maybe if you keep doing it for a very long time Kochie,” Edwina quipped.

Nat was also confused by the face roller, declaring that she had never used one before.

“I mean, that just looks totally ridiculous to me. It looks like a total marketing ploy,” she said.

Sunrise's Kochie using a beauty roller on the show
Kochie used the beauty roller all over his face. Photo: Seven

According to LA aesthetician Angela Caglia, who helped establish the face roller trend, face rolling really works.

“If you roll with purpose and not just randomly all over your face. And only roll upwards, not back and forth,” she explained to Net-A-Porter.

“Use a cream or an oil for ‘slip’ over the skin and gently start rolling along the jawline, from the chin out to the ear so you are actually draining away the fluid that causes the puffiness.”


According to the beauty expert, it should take you “about five minutes” with the roller each day as part of your regime.

“Some of my clients use two rollers at once, doing both sides of their face at the same time, as I do in my facials,” she told the publication.

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