Sunrise's Nat Barr clashes with Kochie live on air: 'Don't even start'

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They usually have a bit of playful banter on the set of Sunrise but Nat Barr and Kochie did not see eye-to-eye on how to prepare one Aussie breakfast staple during the week.

The hosts were discussing the new Bega Vegemite & Cheese spread when Kochie revealed something he’d just found out about Nat Barr and newsreader Monique Wright that left him “stunned”.

Natalie Barr and Kochie on Sunrise
Natalie Barr and Kochie clashed over how to prepare their toast in the morning. Photo: Sunrise

“One thing I’ve learned about my two partners here is that they use a different knife for every topping,” Kochie said on Thursday morning.

He then made a subtle jab have a role in the media by picking up a knife and saying: “Oh knives in Television, I’ll just pull it out of my back”.


He continued with the two knives in his hands, saying: “So, one knife would be for Vegemite and instead of using the same one to go into the cream cheese, you would get another one? I am stunned with that.”

Monique Wright wasn’t having any of it, saying she couldn’t get over Kochie’s admission that he licks the knife so the Vegemite doesn’t get into the cream cheese before he uses it.

Nat Barr in a blue dress on Sunrise and Kochie holding up two knives
The pair didn't see eye-to-eye on the Aussie staple. Photo: Sunrise

Kochie went on to question Nat Barr over what happens in her house, asking if she has three different knives out for the peanut butter, the vegemite and the honey. What do you do about the washing?

“I’ve got a dishwasher,” Nat answered, looking perplexed at Kochie’s questioning.

“What about your carbon footprint?” Kochie continued, with Nat saying: “Listen, you’ve got four kids, don’t even start me.”

“What does your butter look like? I bet it’s got bits of everything in it, that’s urgh,” Nat continued.

Kochie protested that it doesn’t look that that because he licks his knife after using every spread.

“So it’s just got that Kochie spit,” Monique said, looking disgusted.

“That just freaks me out,” Nat said.

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