Sunrise's Melissa Doyle makes surprise return: 'Welcome back'

Melissa Doyle was the Sunrise host from 2002 to 2013.

Sunrise viewers were delighted on Wednesday morning when former host Melissa Doyle made a surprise return to Brekky Central.

The TV personality, who hosted Sunrise from 2002 to 2013, joined Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington on the couch to promote her new book How to Age Against the Machine.

Melissa Doyle, Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington on the Sunrise couch
Melissa Doyle joined Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington on the Sunrise couch. Photo: Seven

“This next guest does not need much of an introduction here at Sunrise,” Nat Barr quipped. “This gorgeous chick by the name of Mel Doyle is a journalist, an author, and one of the country’s most recognisable faces.”

Matt chimed in, saying: “Welcome back to Mel Doyle. You’re on the set of Sunrise, your second home.”

Mel was excited to be back, and while she admitted she felt ‘a little nervous’, she launched into the passionate reasons why she decided to write her new book with Naima Brown.


“There are so many conversations we don’t have…there are areas like our health, and power, and death, and so many things that I don’t think we talk about enough,” she told the co-hosts. “I learned that single women over 50 is our fastest growing group of homeless in this country.

“I was just shocked and outraged that we live in a country as wealthy as we do, and women are just falling through the cracks.”

Melissa Doyle on Sunrise
The star has written a new book with her close friend Naima Brown. Photo: Seven

Matt asked the former Sunrise host if the book delved into the idea of “ageing gracefully”, which is “thrust” upon so many women in our society.

The author replied by saying she hates the term “anti-ageing”, noting that everybody is ageing from the day they’re born.

“Our premise is I think, we’re focusing on fighting the wrong things. Instead of fighting wrinkles and grey hair, let’s fight ageism, let’s fight superannuation, let’s fight that women are in situations of poverty here and around the world that they shouldn’t be in,” she declared.

“Let’s celebrate ageing and not necessarily be so afraid of it.”

Melissa Doyle, Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington
Fans were thrilled to see Mel back on the show. Photo: Instagram/melissadoyleofficial

Fans call for Mel’s return to Sunrise

After Nat shared a sweet snap with Mel on Instagram, many fans began calling for her return to Sunrise as a co-host. Some suggested she replace David ‘Kochie’ Koch, while others wondered if she could become a fill-in or special Sunrise presenter.

“You two lovely ladies would make a great team hosting Sunrise,” one fan gushed.

“Awww our beautiful co-hosts back together (for a moment). Miss your chemistry onset you two,” another added.


“Back together like old times,” a third chimed in.

“The OG and BEST Sunrise crew,” another remarked.

“Hey @natalie_barr7 how about inviting @melissadoyleofficial back for some Special Guest Appearances as a @sunriseon7 fill-in host?” a fan asked.

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