Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew's 'raw and real' post praised

Edwina kept things real for her Mother's Day post online.

She juggles family life with being one of the biggest stars on Australian morning breakfast TV, but Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew is known for her relatable parenting moments online.

The mother-of-two took to her Instagram account on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day with two photos that will no doubt make every parent chuckle.

Edwina can be seen on a walk with her two children in the first snap, with her daughter Molly sitting on her shoulders and her son Thomas perched in his pram.

Edwina Bartholomew with her son and daughter
Edwina Bartholomew has shared a relatable parenting photo to her Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Edwina Bartholomew

In the next photo, three-year-old Molly can be seen standing at the table eating what look like raw treats from her hands, with a platter of the delights in front of her.

"Friday 6pm. Sunday 6am. Sums it up. Happy Mother's Day xx," Edwina captioned the post.


Fans thanked Edwina for keeping things real and not conforming to ‘Instaworthy’ pictures online.

“I love how raw and real you are these are the true parenting pics lol Happy Mother's Day,” one person said, with another simply writing: “Haha Mum life”.

On her Stories, Edwina shared her Mother's Day present from the kids, showing a picture of "a lovely candle holder and a small pot of...paper?".

Edwina Bartholomew's daughter, Molly
Fans thanked her for being raw and real. Photo: Instagram/Edwina Bartholomew
Edwina Bartholomew's Mother's Day gift
She also shared a photo of her Mother's Day gift. Photo: Instagram/Edwina Bartholomew

Back in February, Edwina revealed that the secret behind her happy marriage to her husband, Neil Varcoe, is that the pair have been sleeping in separate rooms for the past seven years.

“When I would get up for work, he would struggle to get back to sleep, so we decided to trial separate rooms,” she wrote in a column for News Corp.

“When we had kids, it continued. I would sleep overnight with the baby in my room and then he would wake up early to take over. Ten years into our relationship and five years into our marriage, it works a charm.”

She went on to say that friends are sometimes “shocked” when they see that she has her own pink “messy” room, whereas Neil’s bedroom is full of “manly stuff”.

Edwina and Neil share three-year-old Molly and one-year-old Thomas together.

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