Sunrise's David Koch says he is being trolled by anti-vaxxers after Covid result

Sunrise host David 'Kochie' Koch has revealed anti-vaxxers have been trolling him online since he shared that he had tested positive to Covid-19.

One day after hosting the Australia Unites: Red Cross Flood Appeal telethon alongside Nine's Sylvia Jeffrey's and Ten's Dr Chris Brown, the Channel 7 presenter explained he had tested negative prior to the event but woke up feeling "shaggy" and took another test the following morning, confirming he had Covid.

sunrise host david koch
David Koch has revealed he is receiving messages from trolls after testing positive for Covid-19. Photo: Channel 7

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph from isolation, the breakfast host said that people were 'getting stuck into him' online, with trolls leaving comments like "so much for the vaccine, Kochie has got it".

Kochie received his first does of a Covid-19 vaccination live on Sunrise last year, and has since been double vaxxed and boosted.

"I try and only deal with facts," he told the publication.

"I say to people, if our grandparents took your view now, we would still have polio or measles that could be affecting out kids."


After testing positive, Kochie shared in a statement: "I tested negative on Saturday lunchtime ahead of the Australia Unites broadcast but then woke up feeling a bit shaggy on Sunday morning, which I initially put down to the late finish and sharing the bottle of red wine that Sylvia [Jeffreys] and Dr Chris [Brown] insisted we share (that's my version and I'm sticking with it)."

Kochie received his first jab on Sunrise and is now boosted. Photo: Getty

Other Channel Seven stars who took part included Sunrise's Nat Barr and Dancing with the Stars' Sonia Kruger.

Last month, Sunrise host Natalie Barr also opened up about how she copes with some of the "disgusting" abuse she receives online by trolls on social media.

Video of Nat discussing Western Australia's strict ban on unvaccinated parents visiting their sick children in hospital went viral on social media earlier this year and the host was forced to block dozens of people after receiving vile abuse.

"Once it started hitting US and overseas websites and chat rooms that’s when the abuse started … swearing and negative language," she told The Australian.

"If you’ve taken a stand and you’ve given your opinion, people don’t respect your opinion or they might put a screenshot on and write really disgusting language across the screenshot and then send that to you."

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