Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham shock with on-air kiss for charity: 'Can't unsee'

Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham shared a surprise kiss on live television during the Australia Unites: Red Cross Flood Appeal, which aired on Channel 9, Channel 7 and Channel 10 on Saturday night.

The moment - which was all for a good cause - has gone viral, after the pair locking lips for a 'passionate' kiss, before falling to the studio floor.

Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham shared a surprise kiss on live television
Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham shared a surprise kiss on live television. Photo: Channel Nine

Aussie stars including Guy Sebastian, Vanessa Amorosi, and Jimmy Barnes had banded together to help raise money for flood-ravaged communities along the country's east coast, with more than $25 million donated to the cause.

During the Live coverage on Channel Nine, which was being hosted in studio by Amanda Keller and Natalie Barr, Grant Denyer shared an update.

"And we also just had a pledge come in earlier from another major Australian corporation that said they will donate $50,000 if I pash Fordo,” he told the hosts.

"Are you sure this isn’t something you’ve cooked up because you want to kiss me?" Fordham quipped, before Amanda Keller wanted to clarify: "What does ‘pash’ involve? Are we talking mouth open, closed?"

To which Nat Barr responded: "I think open mouth"

Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham fall after kiss
The pair had been offered $50K towards the cause. Photo: Channel Nine

Sure enough the media personalities gave it their all, embracing in a kiss, while the stunned hosts watched on.

"That just happened, Australia. If you can’t donate $5 for that you don’t know what quality entertainment is," Denyer said afterwards.

The moment quickly went viral, with viewers taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the moment.

"Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham pashing on tv... ok then, never thought I'd see that tonight," one person wrote.

"Grant Denyer really shines on live TV," another thought.

"Did everyone else just see Ben Fordham and Grant Denyer have a big kiss for 50k for the Flood Appeal. You go guys!! Bring in that," another cheered them on.

ben fordham twitter
Ben thanks Grant for 'pash rash' afterwards. Photo: Twitter

"I cannot believe I just witnessed grant denyer and ben fordham pash on live television," was another response. While another person wrote: "Can’t unsee Grant Denyer and Ben Foreman pashing on National TV."

Afterwards, Ben Fordham took to his own Twitter, thanking Grant for the “pash rash” and for the donations.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported the flood telethon #australiaunites and thanks ⁦@grantdenyer for the pash rash.”

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