Sunrise's Kochie blasts Peter Dutton over flood response: 'God help us'

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Sunrise's David 'Kochie' Koch blasted Minister for Defence Peter Dutton on Tuesday morning, questioning why it has taken so long for Australian Defence Force personnel to reach areas that have been affected by flooding in NSW and QLD.

"God help us if we were going to war, we wouldn't stand a chance if it took this long to get ourselves organised. What's going on? Why aren't they there quicker?" Kochie pushed.

Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch
Sunrise host David 'Kochie' Koch has blasted Peter Dutton over the slow ADF response to areas of flooding in QLD and NSW. Photo: Seven

Dutton, however, said the ADF was already on the ground in areas of flooding, helping the affected communities with 5000 troops set to be there by tomorrow.

"If you're there you will be able to see them, there are 760 people," he responded, adding he follows instructions from others who inform him how many people are needed.


This didn't sit right with Kochie, who questioned why so many ordinary Australians were being forced to fend for themselves for so long before help arrived.

"Surely your guys are better trained than Aussies going and doing that themselves?" Kochie asked, with Dutton responding, that the SES were the first responders and then the ADF was called in.

"Are you embarrassed ordinary Australians... are having to get themselves to remote areas in their dinghies and wading through floodwaters to help people, to take them food and make sure they are alright?" Kochie asked.

Peter Dutton on Sunrise
Dutton hit back at Kochie, saying he wouldn't 'cop criticism of the ADF'. Photo: Seven

Dutton hit back, saying he's proud of the "Australian spirit" and wasn't going to "cop criticism of the ADF".

He continued, saying, "I'm not embarrassed by it, and the ADF is [helping]."

"Wherever it's needed, they will go, I promise you. And it is being well coordinated on the ground, and again, I'm not going to cop criticism for these guys and girls who do an amazing job," Dutton added.

Kochie continued, saying the people on the ground are doing amazingly, but there's just not enough of them, meaning residents are having to do so much work themselves.

"They shouldn't be putting their own lives in danger to do that, when we have authorities that can do it for them. That's what we expect," Kochie said. "Community spirit only goes so far, they need help!"

"They were promised 5000 troops a week ago, they're not going to get their until tomorrow!"

After finishing up the chat, Nat Barr emphasised that they aren't criticising the ADF troops on the ground helping, it's more so the organisation of the whole situation.

"We've had to do it so many times, we should have it down pat," Kochie said.

Twitter users slammed the government's response with one writing, "Can you see the pattern? This govt relies on the “Aussie spirit” rather than doing their job. This reminds me of when Morrison said people wanted to go out and fight fires."

"Dutton didn’t really answer any questions," another added. "Kochie asked some good questions but Dutton went on a political tantrum saying he was being critical of ADF. He wasn’t critical of ADF, he asked why there wasn’t more! Bring on the elections!"

"He never answered any of Kochie's questions straight. Kept on going around in circles," a third agreed.

"The look of confusion on Peter Dutton's face when he realised that it was his failings that was being criticized," someone else added.

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