Sunrise viewers call out 'rude' segment with MasterChef star: 'Disgusting'

MasterChef star Courtney Roulston appeared on Weekend Sunrise on Sunday morning to promote the new Coles KitchenAid collectable campaign, but viewers have called out the breakfast show hosts claiming the segment was 'rude' and 'awkward'.

Channel 7 host Angela Cox introduced the 'Supermarket Wars' segment, saying: "Coles has fired the latest shot in the supermarket wars offering a range of cookware and bakeware as part of a new collectables giveaway."

MasterChef star Courtney Roulston on Sunrise
MasterChef star Courtney Roulston appeared on Sunrise to promote the new Coles collectable campaign. Photo: Channel 7

Fellow host Chris Reason then introduced Courtney: "For more, Coles Ambassador Courtney Roulsten joins us. Over the course of the pandemic we've seen Aussies cooking at home more than ever, you guys want to tap into that market... and exploit it a little bit."

Courtney seemed less than impressed with the question, pausing for a moment and clearing her throat before responding: "Well first of all good morning, thank you for having me."


She went on to say the new collectables range was really "stepping it up", before Angela asked how it works and how people can earn the credits.

Customers earn 1 credit per $20 spent at Coles, but can also earn bonus points on 1500 every items.

"This smallest piece in the collection is the little cocotte... that's 26 credits," Courtney said, holding up the smallest pot.

But she was interrupted by Angela and Chris who then tried to work out how much that small pot would cost.

"My maths is not that good," Angela said, as she and Chris laughed over the top of the chef's explanation. "Wait, so is that $400 for that!"

Trying to move things on, Chris asked Courtney about the dish she was demoing - a Hot Cross bun and butter pudding using another pie dish from the range.

It seemed they had then run out of time for the segment with Chris wrapping things up, "I am going to taste test here on the side and let you go. Thank you so much for joining us this morning."

sunrise hosts Angela Cox and chris reason
Angela Cox and Chris Reason laughed during the interview. Photo: Channel 7

Courtney jumped in with one more point about earning the credits before she finished up, which saw the hosts again cut her off.

Speaking over the top of her, Chris said: "Thank you Courtney, Well done. Good to talk to you. We will be back with more in a moment." Before he made a 'cut the camera' symbol with his hand.

Viewers at home took to social media to share their excitement over the new Coles promotion, however many also called out the Sunrise hosts for being "rude".

"Did anyone else think that whole segment was awkward? The presenters were so rude to the chef and at the end he did that weird 'cut her off' hand signal on camera," one person wrote on Facebook.

"They were rude not good at all," another agreed.

"They were totally disgusting and rude to her," was another reaction.

"I watched it too and I was quite disgusted with their behaviour, Courtney on the other hand was very professional and did a great job trying to promote the cookware," another viewer wrote.

While one person said: "They slaughtered poor Courtney though!"

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