Sunrise’s Nat Barr in stitches after Kochie’s ‘dumb question’ live on-air

Sunrise star Natalie Barr couldn’t help but laugh at her co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch after he made an awkward remark live on-air.

The Channel Seven anchors were chatting with The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart about the Powerball on Thursday morning when Kochie blanked and forgot what the lottery was called.

Sunrise hosts Kochie and Nat Barr laughing.
Sunrise’s Nat Barr was left in stitches after Kochie’s awkward gaffe on live TV. Photos: Channel Seven

As he fumbled through the discussion about PowerHit tickets, which give Australians a higher chance of winning by guaranteeing the Powerball number, Nat was left cringing at his embarrassing gaffe.

“That's the expensive one, but it increases your chances, doesn't it? Because, what's the ball, the blue ball at the end?” he asked.

“The Powerball,” Nat responded, before bursting into laughter. “That’s why it’s called Powerball.”


The incident was followed by a few seconds of silence while Nat giggled and Kochie playfully hit her arm with his papers before wrapping up the segment.

“Alright thank you Matt, let’s move on,” he said while Nat covered her face to try and hide her laughter.

“You get to ask some dumb questions sometimes on live TV, that was one of them.”

Sunrise hosts Kochie and Nat Barr laughing with The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart.
Kochie admitted that he had asked a ‘dumb question’. Photo: Channel Seven

'That was a bit weird'

The hilarious on-air moment comes after Kochie made a similarly bizarre comment about The Lott’s Matt Hart which left his breakfast TV co-stars in tears of laughter.

The 65-year-old seemingly took everyone by surprise when he made an awkward joke about Matt’s blue-spotted white shirt.

“Loving your Powerball shirt, you’d fit right in going up the chute,” he commented.

“Sorry Kochie told you you should go up the chute, that was a bit weird,” Nat later told Matt, who quipped: “It’s not the first time someone’s told me that”.

The exchange was met with a fit of giggles from the team, especially Edwina Bartholomew who quickly began to tear up as she laughed.

“I had a late night last night,” she explained. “Stop talking about Matt’s balls going up the chute.”

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