Sunrise star reveals their worst celebrity interviews: 'Made me feel stupid'

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He’s interviewed plenty of stars during his 19 years as Sunrise's showbiz editor, and now Nelson Aspen has revealed who has been his least favourite.

The 58-year-old US-based reporter, who announced earlier this month that he would be leaving the breakfast program, spoke candidly about his worst celebrity encounters during his last day on the show on Friday.

Sunrise's Sam Armytage, Nelson Aspen and Kochie.
Sunrise star Nelson Aspen has revealed his worst celebrity interviews across his 19 years on the show. Photo: Channel Seven

“You do a lot of celebrity interviews, there must be a few duds. Who has impressed you the least?” host Natalie Barr asked.

“You know, if you're prepared and polite, you can always get a good conversation,” he replied. “Unfortunately that was not the case with Kevin Spacey.”


Nelson explained that he didn’t have the best experience with the controversial actor, who has since been blacklisted from Hollywood over allegations of sexual misconduct, during an interview for his 2006 film Superman Returns.

The veteran journalist explained that because he is a “Superman freak” he shaved his head in an attempt to look like Kevin’s character in the film, Lex Luthor, but he didn’t approve.

“He actually made me feel stupid for doing it,” he said. “He made me feel embarrassed and that was not one of my happier moments.”

Sunrise's Nelson Aspen talking about his Kevin Spacey interview.
‘He made me feel embarrassed and that was not one of my happier moments.’ Photo: Channel Seven

‘Problematic talent’

Nelson went on to reveal that another “problematic talent” was Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel, who he’s interviewed four times over the years.

“He’s a marvellous interviewee. I mean, we just have a great rapport once we talk together,” he began. “But he has a problem with inconsiderate lateness. The first time was seven hours late, then I think it was four hours and two hours.”

Elsewhere during the chat with Nat and fill-in host Matt Shirvington, Nelson said that some of his favourite celebrities to interview have been Julie Andrews and Hugh Jackman.

“You can’t resist Julie Andrews,” he said, adding that he’s interviewed the Mary Poppins star eight times during his career at Sunrise. “We’ve gotten to sing songs together and drink tea together.

“Hugh Jackman, of course, so many interviews with him and it’s gotten to the point where we’ve become social colleagues as well. We’ve sung together at weddings, he makes me coffee, we’ve socialised together and he’s the real deal.”

He also shared that he and Camila Cabello have a “special bond” and he feels “a sort of paternal pride for her”.

Following his departure from Sunrise, Nelson will be releasing his new book Your Home is Your Castle in September and has plans to tour Australia.

“To combine my joy of singing, I’m going to be taking the book into a concert and Q&A book launch tour,” he shared. “It’s going to be great!"

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