Sunrise's Sam Mac suffers embarrassing 'fail' live on-air: 'I need help!'

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Sunrise star Sam Mac had a rather awkward fumble on Friday morning while trying his hand at pottery for the very first time.

The TV weatherman accidentally pressed too hard on the foot pedal while listening to directions from the studio’s instructor, resulting in the clay detaching from the pottery wheel.

Sunrise’s Sam Mac doing pottery.
Sunrise’s Sam Mac failed his pottery making class on live TV. Photo: Channel Seven

“Oh! Okay, that’s not supposed to happen. A little bit off track,” he said in a panic, while the in-studio hosts Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington laughed at the situation.

“Get me back on track!” he continued. “I need help!”

The wheel continued to speed up as Sam became more frantic, with the instructor encouraging him to slow things down.

“Baby speed, baby speed, baby speed!” she said. “You’re going past a school zone, take your foot off!”


“Okay sorry yeah, I wasn’t thinking about my foot,” Sam replied as the pottery wheel finally came to a stop.

The instructor then took the clay off the wheel, which she joked now resembled “a perfect ball”.

“And that’s how you do pottery, guys,” the Dancing With The Stars competitor laughed, before pointing to some well-made ceramics behind him and adding, “Basically in ten minutes, my work is going to look like that”.

The instructor was left in stitches following the hilarious on-air moment, with Nat remarking that she seemed “exasperated”.

Sunrise’s Matt Shirvington and Nat Barr laughing.
Matt Shirvington and Nat Barr laughed at Sam’s misfortune from the studio. Photo: Channel Seven

‘So funny’

After the post was shared on Instagram alongside the caption, “Sam Mac’s pottery fail”, the comments section was flooded with cry-laughing emojis.

“Love this chap, so funny,” one person wrote, followed by another who said, “Ah Sam, you always brighten up people’s lives”.

“No Patrick Swayze in the making here lol,” a third joked, referencing the iconic pottery scene in the 1990 film Ghost.

“You’re a crazy fella Sam Mac,” a different user replied.

'Tiny, little feet'

The hilarious moment comes shortly after hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Nat Barr made an X-rated joke about Sam Mac earlier in the month.

With Sam in the studio for the first time in a while, Kochie joked that he was learning "so much" about his colleague from sharing a dressing room together.

“I didn't realise his feet were so small until I saw his little famous white sneakers next to my shoes yesterday,” he said. “I thought, 'I never knew that about him.' He's got tiny, little feet.”

“Gee. There's a lot we could say there…" Nat began, after a photo of Sam and Kochie's shoes were shown side-by-side.

Sam Mac then jumped in, joking: “I feel like it was great to share a dressing room with Ronald McDonald. His clown shoes were there on display for all to enjoy.”

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