Sunrise team lose it over Nat Barr's embarrassing phone fail: 'I said that'

Sunrise star Natalie Barr had the rest of the morning show team in stitches on Wednesday after sharing her embarrassing phone call with the "well hung guy".

Nat revealed she got into "real trouble" after calling one of the contacts from weatherman Sam Mac's ‘plugapalooza’ segment, a special feature series in which he promoted locked-down businesses live on air.

sunrise natalie barr and michael usher laughing
Natalie Barr shared an embarrasing phone call on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7

"I called quite a few people and I called the picture hanging guy," Nat explained.

"Oh well hung?" Sam, who promoted Well Hung picture and mirror hangers on the show back in September, said already laughing.

"Yeah, and then I got all these calls back during the day like you know different sorts of people and so I didn’t know who it was, and I picked up the phone and he said ‘oh hi it’s Joel here’, and I said ‘oh are you the well-hung guy?'," Nat explained.


"I actually said that! And then I said ‘oh whoops oh sorry’, and his response was ‘don’t worry, some people have come to the door nude'."

Her co-host Michael Usher and newsreader Edwina Bartholomew were in stitches, with Nat explaining that the man's business is called ‘well hung’ because "he hangs paintings".

"That’s the wrong service," Michael laughed.

sunrise team laughing
The moment had her co-hosts in stitches. Photo: Channel 7

The hilarious moment comes after Nat also laughed off another mishap this week, after eagle-eyed viewers were quick to notice a misplaced decoration in the Sunrise studio.

The Sunrise studio was looking extra festive but a minor detail in one of the on-set Christmas trees caused a bit of a stir on Monday morning, with the co-host taking to Instagram to poke fun at the error.

"Really loving our studio Christmas decorations this year.. 😂🤦‍♀️#hohoho,” she wrote on Instagram, along with a selfie next to the tree.

The fuss reportedly all had to do with a poorly-placed decoration that simply read 'HO', which was eventually removed from the set.

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