Sunrise hosts stunned by 'ingenious' Aldi hack: 'Changed our lives'

The hosts of Sunrise have given their tick of approval to an Aldi shopper's 'ingenious hack' for opening clingy plastic produce bags with ease.

The fruit and veggie bags are notoriously tricky to open and in pre-pandemic times many shoppers resorted to licking a finger to help peel apart the top of the bag.

Sunrise host Monique Wright wearing a pink blouse on set
Sunrise star Monique Wright hailed the hack as 'ingenious'. Photo: Channel 7.

Monique Wright declared that the tip — to dampen fingers on a trolley disinfectant wipe before opening the bag — had "changed our lives forever" by providing a safer alternative to finger-licking during Covid.

"I've had this problem and I was doing this," Monique said while miming rubbing a plastic bag between her palms which is an alternate method of opening them.

"Yes, I was doing that the other day," co-host Natalie Barr added.

After applauding the hack, Nat and David 'Kochie' Koch took a cheeky jab at Monique's dedication to keeping things clean, specifically her use of the hand sanitiser bottle kept under her desk on-set.

"She goes through a bottle a day!" chuckled Kochie while Nat added, "The company is going broke!"

"They mock me but my hands are clean!" Monique, who normally hosts Weekend Sunrise, said to the camera.


Aldi shopper's 'mind-blowing' hack

The “mind-blowing” plastic produce bag hack was originally shared by a shopper on Facebook after they noticed their fellow customers struggling to open the fruit and veggie bags.

"I always use a trolley wipe for the handle of my trolley and then tie the wipe on the trolley side to repeatedly dampen my fingers," the shopper wrote.

"My shop is much quicker. No problem opening them."

Aldi shopper's hack for opening plastic produce bags by using a disinfectant wipe
An Aldi shopper's hack for opening plastic produce bags was given the tick of approval on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7.

However, the woman added she wasn't “sure about the safety of the wipe” once she had used it to wipe the trolley.

Hundreds of Aldi shoppers flocked to the comments to voice their appreciation for the ingenious tip, with some commentators labelling the hack “brilliant”, “great” and “fantastic.”

“I’m happy to hear you do this. Better than when I see people licking their fingers and putting the bag on the bag to open it. Checkout person has to touch it,” wrote one shopper.

“The pressure has been real to lick my fingers. Thank you for the brilliant idea,” said another woman.

A customer carrying an Aldi Stores Ltd. branded basket walks through one of the company's food stores in Sydney, Australia
The Aldi shopper shared their tip after noticing others struggling to open the plastic produce bags. Photo: Getty Images.

Some customers were not so impressed with the shopping hack and instead, urged shoppers to use reusable bags in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

“Better still, purchase reusable fruit & veg bags. No struggle to open & better for the environment!” wrote one commentator.

“Use reusable fabric bags. Problem solved,” said another.

Other shoppers suggested ditching bags altogether and putting the fruit and vegetables straight into the trolley.

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Additional reporting by Siobhan Graham.

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