Nat Barr reveals what you don’t see underneath the Sunrise desk

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Natalie Barr has given fans a glimpse of what it’s like behind-the-scenes on Sunrise, including what viewers don’t see underneath the desk.

The 53-year-old, who became the show’s co-host with David ‘Kochie’ Koch earlier this year, posted a surprising snap online on Wednesday morning.

Natalie Barr on Sunrise.
Natalie gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like working on Sunrise. Photo: Instagram/sevenstyling

Taking to Instagram, Natalie shared a photo of herself sitting at the desk with two heaters at her feet.

The image was first uploaded by Kochie, who had jokingly asked his followers: “Why are colleagues so mean?”

“First I get ambushed by Mark Beretta and Mitch Healey, then my heater gets nicked by Natalie Barr,” he added. “First world problems… Calling HR.”


Natalie then reposted the photo and explained why she had decided to ‘steal’ her co-host’s heater.

“Studio so freezing my thermal isn’t cutting so stole Kochie’s heater,” she joked, adding a snowflake and snowman emoji.

Natalie Barr with her two heaters on Sunrise.
Natalie used two heaters under the desk because she was so cold. Photo: Instagram/natalie_barr7

The admission from the Sunrise crew comes shortly after Carrie Bickmore revealed what she really wears underneath The Project desk.

The Channel 10 panel were chatting about the rising popularity of people wearing ‘sweatpants suits’ while working from home when Carrie confessed that she often wears comfortable pants at work.

“Having spent lockdown in our activewear, it seems plenty of us are fine with the idea of a comfy work outfit with an elasticated waist,” she said.

Carrie Bickmore showing off her leggings on The Project.
Carrie showed off her pink leggings that were hidden under the desk. Photo: Channel Ten

Guest presenter Kate Langbroek was also a fan of the idea, responding: “I'm only pretending that I've only taken up elasticised waists since lockdown, but to be honest, I took them up since about 2001 and I heartily advocate for them!”

Carrie agreed, adding: “I'm wearing my activewear underneath now! Keep it going you know, wear it to anything really.”

She then raised her leg above the desk so viewers could see that she was wearing pink leggings.

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